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June 05 2013

Charlie Rose interviews Joss Whedon. Just what it says. Unfortunately requires Flash, which means I haven't even seen it yet.

Even Charlie Rose calls him "Josh!"...when are people going to learn? haha
Yeah, I spotted at least two Joshes. That aside, great interview.
Wow. That was a seriously fantastic interview.
Wonderful interview. And Joss as Hamlet!! (And Amy as Ophelia. Is it okay that I want her to play every female Shakespeare character ever?) I'm sure he's probably talked about that before but I've never heard about them doing that play specifically, and I'm picturing all kinds of awesome.
Y'know, I think the 'Josh' thing is just human nature. We all know that name and are familiar with it, so 'Joss' just seems incorrect whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

I just met a really big Firefly/Serenity/Dr. H fan who slipped and said Josh. Many people can say it right without difficulty, many cannot. Chances are most of the time we see it in the media it's the first few times that person has even said his name aloud, so their language center simply pronounces it wrong. On top of that they may be seeing it as 'Josh' because our brains act as natural spelling and grammar checkers too.

I get it all the time with my last name, Freesh. Pronounced as spelled, but people almost always say 'fresh'. (incidentally, it's an americanized spelling of a German name that translates to 'fresh'). Chances are a good number of you read it wrong just now and didn't realize it. Sometimes, when writing down my name after hearing it, even after hearing the spelling, people will write it 'Fresh' well. 'Josh' and 'fresh' are so well known to our vocabulary that 'Joss' and 'Freesh' get "corrected."

Wonder if Joss Stone ever gets Josh... I bet she does.

(if you're wondering why I've put so much thought into this, I'll refer you back to the paragraph regarding my own name, and I'll remind you I've had that name for a lifetime)
Thanks for that freesh perspective, bobw1o.
I get the same thing, bobw1o. My name is Jo Gill and a good 25% of the time people call me Jill, even people I've known for years. I just roll with it.
Isn't his birth name "Joshua" and he shortened it to Joss? Or did I just read something stoopid?
I've had similar name issues, and I must say that, having a good friend whose name is "Josh," I have misspoken Joss's name a few times just because my tongue is so much more accustomed to the "Josh" placement in conversation. On the other hand, on those occasions when I've had to introduce someone with an unusual name to an audience, I practice it endlessly and pause slightly before saying the name, just to get it right. So I was surprised here.

But back on topic of the interview itself, I thought it was fabulous. Joss was more comfortable than on his earlier late-night performance, if a little restrained at first, and Rose politely lets his guests have their time. I heard more about Hamlet from Joss than I had heard before, and I think what separates him from many other directors--that he really responds as the creative artist he is--came through. I also think it's wonderful that his long friendship with Amy and Alexis comes through in his tone of voice, an intimacy that also distinguishes him from most other directors in their interviews. Again, wonderful interview.
It was a great interview, and I don't wish to sound ungrateful, but I hope Charlie Rose eventually comes to see Joss as a 'for the whole hour' guest. (Of course, maybe he could only get Joss for the shorter time, in which case, never mind.)
BrewBunny: Joss's full name is Joseph Hill Whedon. Not Joshua, Joshmund, Joshilby, Joshé, Joshen, Johs, hsoJ or any other variation of the name Josh. But it's an understandable mispronunciation, and it doesn't bother me too much.


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I wouldn't say "stoopid," BrewBunny...just a tad incorrect.


His birth certificate reads "Joseph Hill Whedon" from what I've seen written in articles; a funny tidbit is that "Joseph" used to be commonly shortened to "Jos." when a person's name was written out in letters and official documentation or on signs, for brevity or space-saving reasons. Also, the Chinese word for luck is "joss". Put them together and what do you get? Our nerd TV overlord!

And I, like bobw10 and mnspnr, have experienced similar fun with people mispronouncing my name, my Christian name in my case. It's "Alun," the Welsh spelling of Allan, but until people have talked to me and I've explained it - or they are actually familiar with the name, by some strange coinkydink - they tend to emphasize the first letter (A-lun) or the last syllable (Al-UN), when it's just a more hesitant sound ("uh" vs. "ah) ;P
I did like the Shakespeare/Whedon cocktail mixer, at the 10 min mark.
It was a great interview, but it seemed a bit rushed... would love to see at least a half-hour, Charlie Rose is even better when he has more time.
It froze for me just after Charlie asked him what he'd do if someone wanted him do Hamlet as a movie. I tried backing it up, but it still hung at that point. Oh well. What I saw was good, but Joss seems to be losing his voice.

According to my friend, who watched it live, earlier in the night Charlie Rose talked to Stephen King & John Mellencamp, who are apparently working on a movie together. Quite the company for our Joss!

I want very much to ignore the comment (The only one when I checked out the video) about how "Buffy" was a "dumb show" and comparing Much Ado to Blair Witch of all things, but...ARGH! Ignorant people like that just rankle me.

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