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June 05 2013

Ming-Na Wen talks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. "You know what, I have to say, I am so excited. When I saw the pilot episode, it was just -- there's so much heart in it, and it's such family-oriented entertainment. "

That link doesn't work for me...
I kind of hate this summer because it's in the way of fall.
Seems to be working ok at my end. Anyone else having diffs?
i can see it Simon.
I'm so glad Ming Na is going to be part of the Whedonverse! I've long admired her and happy to find she's also a fan of Joss' work.
I think it must be a location thing. For some reason it's automatically forwarding me to the dutch language homepage of IGN (which doesn't even seem to contain a link to the article!). Any chance someone could summarize a little?

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