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June 05 2013

Life inside the Whedonverse. Find out what it's like to be part of Joss' world. It's a really good feature.

This is great, worth a read.
Great read. It made me weepy in moments.

It reminded me of Joss thank you letter from last year.
At first, I was like, I don’t want people to go, “Oh, that’s so-and-so from such-and-such.” I want them to experience a performance completely without some external context. Then I thought, “For the love of god, they’re great at what they do, and I need someone right away. Who cares?” I had that struggle on Dollhouse and then I was like, “Just hire Amy Acker. Your life will be better.”

Hear, hear.
This is one of the best articles I've read in a long time.
Great article all around. I particularly like the mention of Alyson Hannigan suggesting that Cobie Smulders should read for Maria Hill.
Great read.
Wonderful article. Love that this explored so many questions promotional press doesn't really have a context to ask.
gus that's exactly what I thought. And kudos to The Black for pointing me over there, as this WAS a great article and I've shared it everywhere shareable.

Was particularly taken with Alexis' openness and the things that he chose to share. Very sweet and dear.

I could read that all day. Could they do one with Eliza and James Marsters and Nathan too? I'd likey.
I am so proud to work with Adam and write for BuzzFeed. Never been prouder. This story's been a long time coming and I've been so excited for everyone to read it.
Wow this is really an in depth article! I loved this story from Tom Lenk:

I did a small stage show with my friend Kirsten Vangsness from Criminal Minds. Joss was sitting in the front row. At one point, I had to draw a picture in the show, and I left my Sharpie somewhere and I was scrambling. Joss pulled out a pen, handed it to me, and I said, “Thanks, Joss.” People’s heads exploded up in the balcony

It is insightful and almost like being there (ie being friends w/all the people I admire most). In fact I need to share this on facebook! LOL
This is a fantastic feature, and evoked a lot of emotions for me.
Love how CM has been popping up in my Whedonverse, lately, seeing as it's my other tv passion. Kicky. :)
This is one of my favorite articles linked here.
Wow this is a great piece. I've long resisted the idea that "the Whedonverse" is a meaningful term. This may have convinced me it is.
What's that old saying, "I don't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member". But this is an awesome club, a so not-snooty club, a club made up of artists who like and respect each other, even consider one another family. One could only hope in their lifetime to be part of something so heart-warming. And the intuition that resides in Joss Whedon, to recognize when to bring someone new into the fold, like (Clark Gregg):

Then he came up to me in the green room at Comic-Con and said, “I’m going to use Agent Coulson a lot. Can I introduce you as part of the cast?”

Jeez, just when you think you can't love these people any more, they throw this at you! I'm all verklempt now. RDJ was right -- "Joss Whedon is my hero and he should be yours too".

Kudos to BuzzFeed for this.
This was an amazing read. I love the comradery in the Whedonverse. It's a huge part of why I'm such a big fan. They are all so sweet and genuine, and they care so much for each other. It really is like a family.

(Also, I fangirled really hard when I saw that he posted my two videos in the article. That was slightly overwhelming.)
Beautiful story. I think it's clear why the theme of "the family you choose" is so prominent in the stories Joss tends to tell, because, the family he chose is the one we get to see in his work. It is the sort of love that keeps "her in the air, when she oughta fall down."

And that sincere affection for each other is pretty infectious. Like others mentioned, it made me love these folks all the more. It's like coming home, and seeing all the people you like best gathered all around you.
Lovely article. All that talent and all that love, too. Some parts of the world are wonderful after all.
That was a great article. I love to hear about the moment when Amy turned of the cute Fred thing and changed into regal Amy for the first time and stunned Joss.
Wonderful story, really enjoyed it.
Don't mind me. Just dying that Maher wanted to be in Agents of SHIELD. More seriously, this is such a fantastic piece.
Wow! This piece was so wonderful! I love that it shines a light on things that I always see mentioned (the Shakespeare readings, the returning actors) with so much depth.

I always think of the Whedonverse as some combined universe of the worlds & words created on the screen and page--an amalgamation of all that creative fictional goodness--but it has new layers for me now, in a real-world way.

love love love
hmm, I can't help but think "Now Joss is working with Aly-sized budgets again, so maybe . . . ."

Sunfire: I still think you're right. The Whedonverse has no legitimate fictional meaning, but despite that it does have a real-world meaning, which to me is almost as good.

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Thank you so much for linking this on the side bar!! In the past couple years, there have been soooo many articles going through, especially when it's close to a release time like this, that I just don't have time to read a whole lot of them anymore. This would've gone missed if I hadn't noticed it on the side, but instead, it is now in my special bookmark folder called 'Great Whedonverse Links' - the ones I love to go back and reread over and over.

I agree -- this is great. But it made me wonder if some of the other actors in his shows feel bad that they aren't as close. For example, was James Marsters ever invited to read Shakespeare? That would seem like a natural since Joss said James' comment inspired the readings.
JM absolutely did the Shakespeare readings. This article is circa 2010 but James talks about that and how he would reprise Spike for Joss anytime.
Wonderful read. Also glad it was on the sidebar, or I'd have missed it. Thank you!!
Yes, this was incredible! The best Whedon related thing I can remember reading in a very long time. Definitely worth its place on the side bar.
Excellent read. Videos were probably good as well, but spoiled by an audio problem. Hoping to find a better copy somewhere.

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