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June 05 2013

io9 teaches fandom about Whedonic Calculus. io9 uber-contributor and editor Charlie Jane Anders promotes the lost art of Whedonic Calculus, as espoused by 18th century English philosopher Jeremy Bentham.

In a rather Calvin and Hobbes-flavoured take on Whedon-related academic articles, Ms. Anders outlines the concept of Whedonic Calculus as a method of judging any work of escapism or world-building according to several criteria as developed by Utilitarianism (and Utilikitarianism, which related to having the greatest number of pockets on the most number of Utilikilts) founder Jeremy Bentham, including such key points as the intensity of the product (measured in fanboy/girl squees in relation to moments of fan-pleasing), the duration of the product in relation to its expected cancellation date (where Firefly loses points in comparison to fellow Whedon products like Angel in the mind of fellow philosopher Thomas Malthus for only being a half-season, even if the intensity is high) and propinquity of a Whedon show, which apparently relates to the chances of roles in a Whedon show being exceeded by the number of Whedon Repertory Company thespians used in the production.

Basically, the entire article seems to be a "We love you but you're a tad obsessed" shout-out to Whedonverse devotees. I think the humour fits our literate but pop culture-savvy wheelhouse, yes?

This is obviously a joke. He forgot Buchananity. A show's Buchananity is what separates it from reptiles and lawn furniture.

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