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June 06 2013

The latest reviews for Much Ado About Nothing. The AV Club says the movie "never loses the spirit of its source material". The Epoch Times calls it "a genuinely entertaining movie". The Associated Press says "moviegoers will likely have few better options this summer for a good romantic comedy". IndieWire describes Much Ado as "Whedon's most emotionally resonant and fully realized feature film to date". The Village Voice says Joss "approaches the story with a tremendous amount of joy". And Yahoo Movies goes with "the film handily accomplishes what Whedon's legion of hardcore fans already know: Joss can do anything".

Seen any more reviews? Post about them in the comments section.

EW's mini review is also online:
"Much Ado About Nothing is a labor of love for a guy whose ambitions extend beyond billion-dollar Avengers installments."

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New York Magazine says:

"The movie’s singular acting triumph is Nathan Fillion’s Constable Dogberry, one of Shakespeare’s simpler buffoons made poetic by understatement. Fillion speaks softly, with ­uninflected sincerity, a brilliant departure from the standard gregarious-­hambone Dogberry. It’s his insularity — his imperviousness to the interjections of more observant people—that makes him such a touchingly credible clown."
The EW review is just...odd. The reviewer sounds genuinely shocked that Joss didn't turn the play into a science-fiction epic with laser guns. He gives Joss credit for not taking out the lines in verse, as though Joss is the worst cliche of a Hollywood director. The most patronizing line comes at the end, and it patronizes us: "Still, give Whedon credit for trying to expose his Comic-Con fan base to a different kind of Hero."
I need to read all if these, esp. that EW piece. I never knew going to a Con equated to being Shakespeare illiterate.

I just want to send kudos to all the admins, Simon et al, for managing this onslaught of press.
Zap2it liked it.

He gives Joss credit for not taking out the lines in verse

Which is particularly odd given that the play isn't written in verse. He should really be giving Joss credit for inserting verse into the play, I guess.
That A.O. Scott review in the NYT really is great (although I could have done without the backhand swipes at The Avengers).
The NYT review gets at something which I've been trying to articulate since I've seen it: the movie has the wit, speed and giddiness of a screwball comedy from the '30s. It's something mostly missing from modern romantic comedies.
Wow, that's an amazing review from NYT. And the comment about the Avengers is interesting after listening to Joss's take on big "explody" movies vs Shakespeare on NPR's Morning Edition.

Time to grab hold of our Jayne hats.

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