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June 06 2013

Canada's CTV picks up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Hopefully other networks outside the US will soon announce that they have also picked up the show. ETA: That they have. The show has been picked in Sweden, Germany and Australia.

Well, I think this is mucho good news for us Canadians, especially those who might not get cable or satellite and are not near an ABC affiliate who would be carrying it!

Humorously enough, I initially wondered "Why didn't Global TV pick it up? They have a lot of Fox programming, along with some CBS re-airs?" until the brain fart passed and I remembered Agents of SHIELD is an ABC show, so CTV makes more sense ;P
I'm on the hoof at the moment but Sweden's Kanal 5 picked up the show as well. I'll add that to the entry shortly (when I've done my shopping).
There are rumblings Channel 7 in Australia picked it up too, although there's nothing official.
As I was away last week - do we know if anyone in the UK has picked it up yet? *crosses fingers*
In Germany RTL group have picked it up according to this.
Thanks, I've added Germany and Sweden to the entry. Still no news about the UK.
Is this unusual, for a Joss show to air internationally so quickly?
Yes, swanjun but Joss hasn't had a show with this kind of broad appeal based on a movie with the 3rd biggest box office ever before. It makes a huge difference. Joss isn't "cult" anymore.
Well put it this way, I typed Dollhouse Sweden Whedon into Google and ended up back here with us joking about Joe Sweden.
Oh ok, thanks Simon. Come on UK lets get this show on the air here please
Oh a UK channel is definitely going to pick it up, I imagine one of the Sky channels which is a shame for those without satellite
As much as I thank Kanal 5 for introducing me to Joss (their announcer voice grabbed my attention as I was flipping channels, by mentioning a musical episode of Buffy coming up next), they're also the channel that motivated me to first give up my subscription and then get rid of my TV because all that was on anymore was reality shows.
Oh well. Nature finds a way, and I'll be buying the blu-rays when they come out.
Cheers, I'll add that to the entry.
Hooray for Australia! I'm happy it's being picked up by one of the free-to-air channels...even if it will mean sitting through endless advertising aimed at whatever demographic they decide will be watching this. Very excited we'll get to see it this year!
I wonder if there might be a bidding war for it in the UK. I doubt ABC studios is packaging this with other shows.
Yay for me in Australia! and not on Foxtel either so yay yay!

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