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June 06 2013

The Much Ado cast on meeting Joss Whedon. Some of the material you'll recognise from previous (roundtable) interviews but it's fun to see Fran, Alexis, Amy, Nathan and Clark interact. Backstage has several more YouTube interviews with the cast and those can be found here, here and here.

I was able to find four separate clips of Much Ado backstage casting. I must say that Clark Gregg is a very fitting addition to the Whedon family (re: Coookout/Seinfeld/Richard III).
They're all great! Thanks for this!
I always thought that Alexis knew ASH from the UK and knew of the show through him? I'm sure I have read that a few times. Maybe it was just one of those myths.

So I must be mythtaken....
You're right, zz9, they knew each other. They were the play Rope together (along with John Barrowman, no less). I always thought ASH helped Alexis get the job on Buffy, but I guess I was mistaken.

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