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June 06 2013

The fairy-tale story of an Avengers extra who became Joss Whedon's big new star. Jillian Morgese talks to Buzzfeed about how she came to star in Much Ado About Nothing. She was also at last night's premiere in Los Angeles. Pics and quotes from that event can be found at The Hollywood Reporter and Babble.

It's great to hear I story like this. I hope she becomes successful and manages to book some more acting roles.
IMDB is spotlighting the Much Ado cast on their front page but I'm not sure its worth posting on our front page.

Also have these pics from the Hollywood premiere been posted?

Edited. Just read the rest of the headline LOL. I'm in a rush reading like 5 different things on 10 different web sites. So glad I didn't try to post it on the front page. I do not envy you guys during peak times on the black.

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Does anyone else see a resemblance between Jillian and Vincent Kartheiser or is it just me? They look to me like they could be twins in some pictures. I really hope MAAN opens in my small city, but I have my doubts. Can't wait to see it!
Yes, Eden. In fact, I think she looks like Connor and Fred's love child.

In a good way, of course.
She was great, I did kind of wonder the timeline of how she got involved with the project and discovered-- I had no idea Whedon would have the time to bond so much with extras.

I kind of forgot the timeline of events so I forgot Avengers came out a year ago and when I went back and discovered she was in a Britanick video I figured it was one of the older ones I'd seen long before they got involved with the Whedon-verse.

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