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June 06 2013

Samuel L. Jackson interested in involvement in S.H.I.E.L.D.. He tells Vulture that he would to have a role akin to Charlie in Charlie's Angels.

Personally, I see him more as one of the Angels.

Hello Nick, your job again this week is to go undercover as a
hooker-stripper-exotic dancer-centerfold model.
Good Luck, Angel!

Nick: Thanks, Natasha.
I see him more as Kristen Bell in Gossip Girl.
Maybe he should have said something about this before it went into production. Something like that would be cool if it was part of the basic premise, but a bit odd if it was added halfway through the first season. Then again, we're talking about the writer who turned "Angel" into "Law and Order and Vampires" five seasons in, so what do I know?

It really would be awesome if they incorporated him into SHIELD somehow. Joss Whedon writing bad-ass dialogue for Samuel L. Jackson on a weekly basis? Yes, please!
Love his attitude. Hopefully they can work something out contractually, 'cause it'd be nice to hear his voice in the show.
Given Marvel's... interesting approach to keeping cast and paying fairly so far vs the financial side of hiring him... can't see it happening. *Maybe* as a very occasional `sweeps` type of event with him calling them on something exceptionally specific. I'd rather they try to keep some sane distance from the core movies and go with their own identity, otherwise it does risk it becoming `when will xyz be back?` which will no doubt turn people off.
I think it would be pretty funny if you had a scene in the office break room and Tony Stark walks by to get an espresso and Nick Fury glares at the donuts because someone took the last Bavarian Cream. And the show characters would be talking the entire time and neither RDJ or SLJ would get any lines. They're just in and out (sans Bavarian Cream).
I was thinking he would be a big name cameo in the pilot but now I'm not so sure.
He has a very distinctive voice, and hearing him ordering people around on an audio link could be very effective on occasion. I could see this working very well.
I assumed he would be on the show once or twice a season, as a sweeps event.

After the events of The Avengers, I'm not certain he's even still the head of SHIELD. He may have gotten fired for insubordination. That would leave him available to appear as a free agent, of course, but they already gave his Howling Commandos to Captain America.

When you've got one of the major movie actors who actively *wants* to be on the show, it would be dumb to say no.
if he's really available, I'm sure it'll happen. Why would any tv producer pass this up?
AndrewCrossett I was seeing Nick as a very Giles-type character towards the end of Avengers - disobeying a direct order from the Council, doing what he thought was best for those in his command and the citizens of New York.

So even if he was "officially" fired, I've got a feeling he'd be around in some capacity, still nominally in charge, even if he's not recognized as such by the Council. Kind of a...rogue group that the Council really doesn't want to admit exists, but that they turn to when things get out of the Council's very minimal control.

Kind of like how Scully & Mulder were still FBI agents, even though the FBI didn't officially believe in the cases the agents were working on. They knew the odd stuff was going on and they needed to investigate it, but their public image wouldn't allow for an acknowledgement, so they shunted the cases off to "Spooky" Mulder & his partner to handle.

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