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June 07 2013

Choosing Joss Whedon's next literary muse. The cast of Much Ado About Nothing weigh in on what text Joss should adapt next. And Joss himself talks about the problems of adapting Dickens' work.

Personally I think that he should do something totally outlandish and off the wall - with the Mystery of Edwin Drood.
Dickens, yes! But his eye on something like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, or even Wuthering Heights to get back to some tragedy, would be awesome.
brinderwalt, I like the way you think. I was surprised nobody picked a musical! (And that one has the benefit of being Dickens to boot!) I'm sure Joss would have a fantastic take on, well, anything Sondheim, for starters.
Plus I've got to say, as I was watching the recent Broadway adaptation of Newsies, I found myself wanting very much to see how Joss would have script-doctored it into something like a good show (which, alas, it was not at all. Fun and energetic, yes, but the script was such a mess!).
I'd love to see Joss do a straight noir film with this cast. Amy Acker as the femme fatale and Alexis Denisof as the hapless schmuck that gets caught up in her web and agrees to kill her cheating bastard of a husband (played by Nathan Fillion). Clark Gregg is the cynical, smart-alec cop who makes it his mission to arrest them both for murder. That is until he too starts to become ensnared in Amy's web...

Any out-of-print pulp novel should suffice as adaptation material.
Hmm, J. and Clare in All God's Chillun Got Wings?
How about just his own...
Said it before, say it again.
Acker, Fillion, Shrew.
I'd like to see him take on "Measure for Measure" or "The Winter's Tale". Or both.
For some reason, I could see him taking a bit bite out of The Talisman by King/Straub. I wouldn't mind hearing any ideas he'd have for it anyway. That is a story in desperate need of a movie or miniseries.
Someone, anyone should do Zelazny's Amber series for television. Might as well be Joss.
I think he's one of the only directors at the moment who can pull off musicals on film. I used to say he'd be the perfect director for 'Into the Woods', but now that's already being made. And I personally think that if he rewrote the book (script) of 'Wicked' for a film he could make it better than the stage version. Then there's also 'Carousel', which deserves a film that does it justice...basically I'd love him to do another musical, his own or otherwise.
Caroline, what a great idea! I'd love to see that.

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