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June 07 2013

Video: Tavis Smiley interviews Joss. Appears to not be region-locked, as it works at least in Sweden. ETA: And here's Joss doing a commentary for a single scene of Much ado, for The New York Times.

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Hey, he mentioned Angel! Guys, he acknowledged the existence of Angel! Isn't this some sort of media taboo? I thought we all agreed never to mention that show in public or something.
There's another (excerpt of) an interview at The full broadcast will be on The Green Room with Orla Barry on Monday night from 9pm (GMT), available online here.
He seemed to imply that Joss doesn't have experience with having his shows get cancelled! Between that and insunuating that he's an overnight success, Mr. Smiley definitely had some holes in his pre-interview research. Nonetheless, he actually got some great material out of Joss.
Yeah, his research was a bit spotty but he really did make an effort to ask new and insightful questions. I especially liked his question about Joss revisiting his dad and granddad's work as an adult.
I thought it was interesting that Joss dodged the obvious Firefly or Dollhouse response, though. He went to the perils of Hollywood and saving his first dollar. Perhaps he was being generous and not pointing out Smiley's spotty research, or perhaps he realized that they were nearly out of time and he did not want to open another topic altogether, one that would require followup questions. But I agree that the part of the interview that centered on Joss's father's and grandfather's work was particularly interesting--was Smiley focusing on this line of questioning because of Father's Day coming up, I wonder?

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So I'm guessing Tavis Smiley has never heard of Firefly (since he seems to think that Joss hasn't had to deal with cancelled shows! LOL). It was a nice interview, and he gave Joss enough time to give full answers (which I appreciate).
I think part of Joss's dodge could be that he knows that despite those stumbling blocks he's had a lot of success. At this stage in his career the success is overshadowing the disappointments. As he says, seeing what his father and grandfather went through showed him what to expect and how to guard himself to some extent. I thought he was both gracious and insightful in answering the question in a new way.
Enjoyed the lenght, but spotty research was annoying.

Suddenly the save dollhouse campaign that started before the show was even airimg definitely had no general cultural impact. Much less important that what felt like at the time.

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Tavis is great. He tends to ask questions the mainstream media wont because they want to ask the same boring already answered questions.
I loved the part about combining teaching and getting a laugh.
Love the bit of commentary and the "blanket Cam"

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