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June 07 2013

Behind Buffy Season 9: Angel & Faith #22 with Christos Gage. They discuss the shocking last issue.

No real spoilers for future issues.

I've just noticed something - why does Angel have those little bumpsicules on the side of his head? Were they there before?
@ Shep

Nash (or Pearl) blasted him in the face with their laser eyes in the previous issue. He clearly heals quickly so it's disappeared by the issues end.
So, Joss doesn't want Giles to have a romantic life? Evil, evil Joss.
Actually, since "JuniorGiles" remembers all of both bad-boy Ripper's and sophisticated G-Man's techniques, put him in a school setting and he could be quite a swordsman (swordsboy?) with the 13, 14, & 15 year "older women." Will Dr. Joss And His "Bunche" go for it? "Rupert G.'s School Days" :-)

Of course, he'll need a guardian, and even more important, an identity. Remember that like Tara (see below) and unlike Harmony, Jonathan, Anya, Fred, and maybe Wesley, there is a death certificate on file for him. DOes what's left of the Council have the resources to handle this?

(Much as I love some of the fics from my fellow writers at the Kitten, I've only seen one other beside me bringing back Tara and dealing with the e legalities of her death.)
Isn't it kind of gross for him to date underage girls even if his body is technically that of a boy?
Jelly: Partly my point - lots of potential story hooks in that , albeit non-supernatural.
If his body is technically that of a boy, so too, technically, is he. Green light, Giles. Seriously, if you apply that premise to his new found youth, you've effectively banned him from dating until he's, like, 40. Again.

And it's not like anybody can try to run with "oh, well, how could he possibly relate to the girls he'll be around for the next several years, because... uh... Angel? Spike? Anybody ever remotely on board with either of those romances better smile when they say 17 year old Giles 2.0 can't get down.

I guess I wasn't far off the mark supposing that the primary effect of making him this young and not somewhat older is to bracket off Giles/Faith, Giles/Buffy hopes, since that is pretty much said outright in this interview. But those characters of concern are all in their early-mid 20s now. By the time he's back to shaving he can date whomever's willing, as far as I'm concerned.
Ha ha, I like that Joss and Christos got in a huge knock down drag out brawl and fisticuffs with Scott Allie about Giles being alive with Joss and Christos trying to save Giles's life and Scott being like, "Leave the stuffy jerk dead! He doesn't even have a job! His sweaters always go below his arse! He looks stupid in a sombrero! Buffy doesn't need him! Faith doesn't need him! And neither do I! Eff that guy! We don't give people what they want, we give them what they NEED! And I need that guy to be DEAD!" And Christos was like, "Dude, you've lost it." And Joss was like, "Gimme the pen, Allie." And Scott was like, "I AM THE EDITOR! I AM THE EDITOR OF THIS WHOLE PROJECT! I WILL KEEP GILES DEAD AND I WILL AND I WILL WRITE THE END OF THIS BOOK AND THE END OF THE SERIES! I RULE DARK HORSE! I RULE BUFFY! I AM TWILIGHT!" And Christos was like, "Omg." And Joss was like, "What is this fighting all about? Somebody tear these two apart! This is a comic not a circus! I have to go write Avengers two, I look to you to sort this out and be as careful as you can" and Christos was like, "Don't leave me alone here with this man." But Joss did. And it was all up to Christos Gage! And he was like "Aw man." And then he was like, "Rebekah, I love you. This is for you" and he locked Scott Allie in the bathroom. And then he ran to the big controller computer board and he was like playing with the dials and he was like, "Ripper. Come on Giles. Be Ripper." And Joss stuck his head in and was like, "Make him 10. No... 12." And Scott was like, "Nooooooo!" But it was too late. Man I LOVE this series!

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And then Scott was like, "GET OUUUUUT OF MY BRRAAAAAIN!"
KingOfCretins; Buffy, Willow, and Xander are 32 by now*. Faith, depnding on how you interpret her bigoraphy is about a year on either side.

*(and in my ficverses Cordelia, Harmony, Jonathan , and Tara are too :-).
No, that is only if we follow real world time and do exactly what they have told us very often not to do, which is to mark the passage of time with pop culture details that are entirely irrelevant to the plot (movies, tech, Presidents). It is in comic book time; following the original pre-Season 8 references, and the indications of time from the characters, I can't conceive of how -- at the most, most liberal interpretation -- more than four, four and a half years have gone by since "Chosen", give or take a few months. No decade has gone by within the Buffyverse.

But it is immaterial in this context, I guess -- 12 year old Giles is no more or less of a potential love interest for his once surrogate daughters at 25 or 32. And, just as importantly, 20 year old Giles is nor more or less of one. So they made him 12 to double tap that whole idea.

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