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October 03 2002

Demonology, a Slayer's Guide. A real video preview of one of the upcoming season 5 DVD's featurettes, presented by Danny Strong.

Danny Strong's always funny. Why he doesn't have his own show, I don't know. Not a show about Jonathan. I mean someone outside Whedon's sphere of influence should grab Strong and put him in a sitcom somewhere. He's really talented. The breakdown of this video is amusing, but doesn't cover the gamut of Buffy baddies very well. Perhaps the preview doesn't show us all the categories, but the three I saw, while funny, don't seem to be helpful from a viewer's perspective.

CATEGORY 1: "Dead things that aren't really dead until Buffy makes them dead demons" This one talked about zombies, but you could also throw vampires into this mix. It's far too vague.

CATEGORY2: "Oh God does someone know a good dermatologist demons" Most of the baddies are ugly in one form or another. The vengeance demons are beautiful until they show their true face, so could be placed in this category. Again, amusing but far too vague and silly.

CATEGORY 3: "I bet you thought I was human when in actually I'm this really pissed off demon demons" This description fits well over half the baddies Buffy's ever tackled. Many baddies look relatively normal on the surface and only reveal themselves when it's integral to the plot.

I prefer this breakdown of the baddies of Buffy. [caution: selflink]
Oh Danny-boy---too funny!

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