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June 07 2013

Marvel courts Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Quicksilver role in Avengers 2. According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel want Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play Quicksilver, but there are scheduling issues so it might not work out.

Deadline also points out that the other actor to be cast as Quicksilver, Evan Peters, starred alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kick-Ass.

Like the actor Singer chose for Quicksilver, he was in the movie Kick-Ass. That's an odd coincidence.
Haha weird coincidence. I liked him in Kick-Ass!
It is weird that they were both in Kick-Ass together.
Should we be expecting news of Chloe Grace Moretz being chased after for Wanda to start cropping up soon? Or Lyndsey Fonseca, Taylor-Johnson's on-screen girlfriend and one of the primary leads of the new version of Nikita?


Honestly, though...just look at Taylor-Johnson and Saoirse Ronan and tell me they couldn`t play siblings?
I would *die* they cast Lyndsey Fonseca. She's fantastic.
I really hope it's not him. He seemed so arrogant in the interviews for Kick Ass, kinda ruined the movie for me.
Arrogance is pretty much Quicksilver's defining character trait.
I like how, not only is it another actor from the movie Kick-Ass, but it's the actor who played the TITLE CHARACTER. As if to say, "our Quicksilver is the REAL one."

Joss, you magnificent bastard.

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