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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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June 07 2013

Joss Q&A from Google Hangout with Fox11LA.

"this bald head reeks of death", so inspiring! LOL
This is really delightful, I wish it was longer.
We make Joss Stone jokes here all the time, but I never expected someone to call him Joss Stone to his face! lol
I'm still waiting for someone to accidentally call him Josh Friedman or Jodie Sweetin.
We just need somebody to call him Joe Sweden and then rapture will arrive.
Well, there's also celebrity chef Josh Eden, but I think PotentialCast covered that one already.
At the panel for the 7:45 "Much Ado" show at the ArcLight in Hollywood yesterday, the moderator initially introduced Amy Acker as Amy Adams. There was much joking about this for the rest of the panel, capped when Clark Gregg made a joke about him and Amy Adams being the newest people to the Whedonverse - and then the other panelists explained that Amy Adams was actually in "Buffy" (as Tara's mean cousin in the "Family" episode). Clark Gregg said something to the effect of, okay, so *he* is the newest member of the Whedonverse.

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