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June 07 2013

Fran Kranz discusses his new web series, JourneyQuest. In addition, he also riffs on getting cast in Much Ado and not getting cast in The Avengers.

Good interview, glad he's not a snob about doing Web series.
He gave really good answers, but holy awful spelling in this article, Batman.
I watched season one at least twice, maybe three times. Looking forward to season two with Fran!
I like originality, granted the Avengers was the first of it's kind. It's the 9th appearance of Iron Man in 5 movies, or whatever, that bothers me. Robert Downey Jr. is far too good an actor to be stuck playing Tony Stark for this long. I'm all for super heroes being reinvented but continuing the same way episodically doesn't interest me quite as much.

Interesting to hear his criticism on The Avengers. Although couldn't one say the same thing for, say, Sarah Michelle Geller playing Buffy for seven seasons?
@Like With Pie: at least one did, judging by Joss's memorable "cranky as a seventh-year TV star" comment on Serenity-the-pilot.

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