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June 08 2013

The interview is mostly on how coming out has affected him as an actor, though he also briefly touches on Much Ado and Firefly.

Oh no, now we can expect "Help Sean Maher buy the animation rights to Firefly" campaigns, can't we?
I was quite impressed with how villainous Sean was in Much Ado. I like him so much that I wasn't expecting to dislike him so much! A testament to his range as an actor, for sure.
It is funny that neither Sean nor Joss thought of keeping Conrade male, but still doing the seduction scene, because both the interviewer and I had had the same thought! Of course I loved seeing Riki Lindhome, but it seemed to me a way to keep the scene just as sexy but do a Gay character.

On the other hand I'm always in favor of more female characters...(and Riki was really good).

Anyway Sean makes a yummy villain and I hope he gets a lot more roles like Don John.
I'm glad coming out has been such a positive experience for him. Can't wait to see him in Much Ado!
Now that I'm thinking about it, embers, I'm not sure if making your villains the only gay characters in the whole production is better than having none at all. So that's something to consider. But Maher was so fantastic as Don John. I looooooved him. (Well, I'll love him in anything.) But he was fantastic.
Yeah, you are right TenTonParasol, better to NOT have the only Gay character be a villain, and we get the side benefit of another (much needed) female character. So it is all good.

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