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June 08 2013

Ranking the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" vampires. Louis Peitzman of BuzzFeed ranks the top 22 vampires of Sunnydale.

I would 100% agree with this list IF Drusilla was higher than Vampire Willow, but a good list nonetheless. :D
I'm completely on board with this one. They didn't leave out my favorites (Jesse & Mr. Trick), and although I would rank Vampire Willow even higher (seriously, she was all kinds of awesome), I will even go along with the rankings.
Sunday was cool? 0_o
Sunday was awesome. I don't think I ever missed a monster of the week so much as her. She and her goons were a perfect anti-Scooby gang.
jeez, I didn't know that. I forgot her before she was dusted. I didn't realize she was popular.
I LOVED Sunday. I was so bummed that she only lasted one episode.
If this included Angel appearances Dru and Darla would have to be above Vampire Willow. Also Harmony would be have to be higher.

And where's Cyrus? Only memorable because he was played by Tom Lenk before becoming Andrew. But he was soo funny as Harmony's minion.
("Harmony has minions?")
Sunday WAS awesome, and one of my favorite 'guest' vamps. Didn't Joss toss around having 6 of her sisters happen? All named after different days of the week, all vampires, just so they could have the actress back time and again.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda.

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