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June 08 2013

Much Ado soars at the specialty box office. According to The Hollywood Reporter - "Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing soared at the specialty box office, grossing $71,000 from five theaters for a location average of $14,200, the best of any film. The film, marking a victory for Roadside Attractions, is anticipating a $230,000 opening weekend for a theater average of $46,000." Update: Joss has commented on the film's opening weekend.

It looks like the format on my post is messed up. If a mod could help out then i'd appreciate it. I'm on my phone.
Glad to see it's doing well. Hopefully it will be rolled out to even more theaters on the 21st.
So I assume it's met the budget then.
All those Q&As did the trick!
And of course the great reviews didn't hurt, either. :-)
I just checked and if it got $47,699 it would beat the Avengers opening weekend screen average.
Hey friggin' nonny! The theater average is most bonny.

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I believe this is supposed to mean that Roadside will make more copies, and send it to more theaters. I sure hope so (we DO have theaters in Iowa that will run it, if given the opportunity!).
Yay! I'm seeing it again tomorrow and dragging along all the friends who are amenable. Go Whedonverse!
One weekend (well, one *day*) doesn't tell them much except that the most excited and anticipatory crowd showed up, no? I mean, did anyone seriously believe that the start, at least, of the limited -- five venue -- opening might not do well?

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I thought it would bomb to be honest b!x. A black and white Shakespeare film. Yeah. That's sure to light the box office on fire. All I want is for the film to do well in its limited so I can see this in a theater near me. Everyone wants this, yes?

For comparisons sake on Box Office Mojo's site, they have The Purge doing $6,585 in its theater average for Friday. Not saying Much Ado can make 16 million in one day(not even saying it can make that ever. I don't think it will.) but it does show the film has a audience. I read on some sites that the film probably burned off all its demand during the festivals and previews but that makes no sense to me when there are so many people who don't live in NY or Los Angeles or Toronto or Austin or wherever else they played the film. I really don't want to wait to DVD to see this. If Spring Breakers(bleh) can get a nice theater expansion off of a $87,667 PTA and a $263,002 weekend than hopefully Much Ado's $46,000 PTA and $230,000 weekend(if it makes that much, please?) can get it in more than 150 theaters.(Maybe Joss should've cast Selena Gomez?)

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You honestly thought it would bomb in a limited release weekend of five venues?
Yes, I'm still in shell shock from the Serenity opening weekend. Mud opened to 363 theaters and had a average of $6,104. Can Much Ado beat that when it expands to 150? I'm not so sure. It has no stars. Its in black and white. Its as niche as niche can get.

Small voice: I don't want to drive to Durham to see it.
Stranger things have happened, b!X but yeah...even a limited crowd seeing MAAN would allow it to make semi-decent revenue based on the budget.

I'm personally thrilled to hear this! I saw the film at TIFF but I can't wait to find out its release in Canada so I can find a way to see again. A notable first weekend should help ensure more theatres get picked for screenings and show that Joss has pull :D
Canada is driving me crazy. eOneFilms claims June 14 but to date has yet to release any venue information or respond to inquiries about it. Meanwhile, it doesn't open until July 11 in Australia and we already know exactly where.
Where am I? What's going on? This place is so... vast... I feel as if I could type 140 characters and still have room for more! Can such a dream world exist?

Anyhoo, hi. Just a quick note thanking y'all yet again for the support. Pretty nervous today, movie opening and all. I've been trying to drum up business for so long and now all I can do is watch... like pushing your baby bird out of the nest for his very first flight and going "Ack! Probably should've waited till he hatched." But I guess he's hatched, and if he flies, as usual, it's in no small part thanks to you guys.

As for me, I'll just focus on writing "Avengers: We Are Punching in Fabulous Outfits" (I wasn't supposed to reveal that title till later -- my bad, Marvel.) -- until Tuesday, when I get to show off little-bird-metaphor movie in LONDON (yay). Can't wait to go. I hear they talk different!

Enough of me. Please make everybody you've ever known see the movie. (I do not advocate the use of force unless it's absolutely convenient.) Have a good weekend. And let's be careful out there. Kiss noise, -j.
Always nice when you stop by to experiment with longform commenting. :)

Best of luck in the wider release!
I'm lucky enough to have the movie playing at a theater a few blocks from my house. Won't be too much effort to shove people in my car to get them to see it... politely of course.
Any chance for this movie to hit the Dutch cinemas??
We are doing our best sir! Why, I've seen it 3 times already and as b!X says, OneFilm is being very tightlipped about when or where it will open in Canada. Some Browncoat groups are using it as a CSTS affiliate event- going to see Much Ado and passing the hat for Equality Now.

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I was lucky enough to catch Much Ado at BAM, and I have been advocating it since. Thank you for making it, and appearing to do the Q&A!

Seeing Much Ado and Serenity in a room full of Whedonites was an experience I'll never forget. Such a wonderful community to be a part of.
Oh, the BAM screening was fantastic. I'm looking to drag my friend (who suddenly couldn't make the BAM one) down to Lincoln Center for a showing. I hope this keeps up so we can all drag more people to see it.
*squee* The purple! I will try to do my part and drag non-Whedony friends along with my Whedony friends to my city's release on the 21st.
Thank you for being so wonderful, Joss. You always make me smile (except for the times you make me cry). I've never wanted to see a movie so badly in all my life! If the anticipation doesn't kill me I'll be there with bells on. And so will all my friends, if they know what's good for them.
I so want to see this movie and I'd happily drag people to it, if were to ever show this way. but when it comes out on dvd, I will push it on my friends.

Much Ado About Nothing has long been one of my favourites plays :)
I'm just hoping Much Ado shows its completely enticing face somewhere within driving distance of my home. I was there the moment I heard "Joss Whedon's new.." whatever. There.
I saw it last night at the Landmark in LA. It was just an utter, utter delight. It is definitely worth driving even a good long way to see it on the big screen. It's a feast for the eyes and the ears as well as for the mind and the funny bone. If you can possibly see it in a good theater, do. It'll be one to treasure on DVD, for sure, but it's really, really worth seeing on the big screen.
Cineplex has it listed in Canada for next weekend. The website doesn't put which films are where until later in the week (I think after Wednesday.)
I just got back from New York City. I planned two weeks of vacation around the release of this film and it was entirely worth it. Thank you, Joss!
Hi Joss! Twitter should go to 141 characters. Fingers, toes and braids crossed the box office goes up from here.

I REALLY want to screen in Philly. But I'll get to NYC someway.

Safe travels and it's great to see your pretty purple.

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I am superpist that its only in my city for one night (Adelaide) and already sold out! I wanna see it. NOW! NOW! NOW! Surely a few days is not too much to ask. I am sure there are many more dollars to be made. Very happy to see Joss getting the opportunity to make art though.
Looking forward to the undetermined day when I'll get my chance to see it.
From a "glass always half-filled", can't say I'm shocked that this film made such an impact. It was always there. I am hoping this means it will make a larger opening.

It's really a grand show! Congrats, Joss.
Pout. I won't get to see it until it comes out on DVD. I just cannot afford to drive four hours to Milwaukee to go see it in the theater.

So...I'll just keep listening to the 30-second samples of the soundtrack on Amazon and watching the trailer over and over again for another......six....months.

Being poor sucks like a vampire with one fang.
Wahoo! Can't wait to see it this week.
Cindycee, it's not in Adelaide only for one night. That was just a preview. It opens in Australia on July 11, including at the Palace Nova Eastend.
A general note: the initial "wide" release reportedly is 150 theaters. I don't even have 150 listed on the Much Signal site yet. And there's still Regal venues, given that they are the ones running the poster contest. Don't picnic panic just yet if you don't see your city anywhere.

ETA: Although do feel free to contact local venues to ask if they will be getting it.

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Saw it today in NYC. Incredible movie, the audience was laughing hysterically the whole way through. I'm pretty sure the DVD sales will be astronomical, everyone I know is talking about the movie but since it's so inconvenient (ONE theater in all of NYC!) they're all going to wait it out
b!X, don't worry, we won't hold it against you.
I figured the film would do well, glad it is doing well. Saw it at the 7:45 ArcLight screening with a friend in tow, went to a party today and told everybody to see it, including Shakespeare-phobes - "Really truly, you will understand this!" A number of people were planning to go anyway, which is good, and I think I swayed others.
Poland is not showing :( BUT!! I will go to my friend to London with a short visit. She thinks it's just because I missed her ;D
I don't think the movie will show here in the Philippines. *pout* :( I guess I'll wait for the DVD then.
Worldwide release! Go! (Or I won't be able to see it)
We saw it last night! 1) It's terrific. 2) More than half the audience (at the Film Society at Lincoln Center) were clearly not Whedonites, which I think is great news for the movie. 3) EVERYONE had a great time. The fangirling in the ladies' room afterwards was epic (even though it clearly puzzled the women who didn't know what we were going on about).

I'll be pushing it hard (already started, on Facebook).
FWIW, while Deadline said 150 on 6/21, Roadside told The Wrap 200-300, which is more in line with the 250 I heard some venue told someone.
Weekend numbers are out and it's grossed $183K total, which works out to be ~$36K per theater average, which is pretty good for a tiny indie movie. We shall see how it proceeds from here, but hopefully it'll catch on via word of mouth and Joss will have a consecutive summer hit!

And I deeply concur with the good reviews: it's really the most charming romantic comedy I've seen in a while, and if the world were fair, it would do amazing things for Amy Acker's career.
I agree wholeheartedly with that dottkin. Amy is a Movie Star. She just took my breath away, and if Hollywood's directors aren't knocking her door down after seeing this movie, they are cuckoo.
I read the play about a month ago in anticipation and was underwhelmed (I know, that sounds a little ridiculous, but I really am more of a tragedies kinda guy). So I went in expecting to be charmed by the performances and the visual jokes that Joss added. But I ended up being really affected by the text itself (helped, I'm sure, by the performances, but still). That last line, and then the final visual moment in particular, had me tearing up.

Good work everyone :)
My friends in San Francisco just got home from seeing it, and loving it. They said:
The theater was pretty full and they were running it in 2 theaters, like every hour there was a new one starting. I think it's going to be a big hit and open everywhere!!!

I sure hope they are right (none of them are Whedonesquers)!
Yeah I went to one of the SF shows, and it was probably over 2/3rds full (maybe even closer to 3/4rs), and having worked in a cinema pretty much no movies besides the mega-blockbusters (Avengers, Avatar etc) get that full even on opening night.

The audience I saw it with clearly loved it, I could tell that many of them were fans. I think when these viewings first went on they were only showing in one screen, I only remember four viewing times, when I arrived though they were showing in two, so it clearly exceeded the theatre's expectations too.
Mainstream! Just heard a movie critic (didn't catch his name) on MSNBC Morning Joe applaud Joss Whedon and call MAAN 'the best Shakespeare comedy on film I've ever seen' :)
I saw the flick in Glasgow and loved it. So, love that people are seeing it, and hope more people see it. Also kudos to the distributors as the phased roll out is smart and being well handled.

Why do I hope it does well? Because it's a great black and white no-budget movie with people talking for 100 minutes in a house. I loved The Avengers; it was my favourite movie going experience to date. But I also think there's a space for the smaller tales which are getting squeezed out. I also think Amy, Fran etc should get the exposure as they're great.

Also, this thing was in the can before Joss was, like, 'Hey CAA (his agency), I shot a movie'. That's hilarious and should be filmmaking 101. If in doubt, do. Unless it involves running across live railway tracks, in which case you probably shouldn't.
I am not picnicking or panicking. I'm not. No really. I am holding out hope that the theater that shows art films in this area will have MAAN. They still do not have their schedule up for 6/14. I will continue to check online, though it is tempting to try to call them and ask. Getting a phone number with anything except a canned recording is fairly difficult, but there must be one somewhere.
Working on the Irish release here. Have 4 trips planned thus far. This shit is hard when you're on social welfare...
Also, this thing was in the can before Joss was, like, 'Hey CAA (his agency), I shot a movie'. That's hilarious and should be filmmaking 101. If in doubt, do.

Exactly! What do they say? It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission?

I saw it the 2nd time Sunday afternoon, and it's even better the second time. I think it's because the first time, the comedy sort of dominated my impression, plus there was the effort my brain made at translating all the dialogue into understandable speech. But a month later, and after having reread the play, the movie shines even more. The Beatrice and Benedick relationship really is such a joy, from the chemistry to the awkward push-pull of attraction and love.

The first time, I was bowled over by Amy Acker. She's just as perfect the second time around; this time, I just noticed what good work Alexis was doing -- subtler, more comedic, in service of making Benedick a more vulnerable, philosophical character.
Yea! It looks like I was right and our arthouse is going to show it. Can it really be the only theater in NJ?
It opens at Clairidge Cinemas 6 in Montclair this Friday. Is that the one you mean? It's still anyone's guess for 6/21.

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Yes, the Clairidge is the theater I was hoping would have it, and my hopes were realized. They always have the smaller movies no one else does and it is only 30 to 40 minutes away from me. I need to organize a group outing. I just realized that my friends who are too snooty to give Joss a chance before might actually want to go to this with me.

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