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June 08 2013

EW's 13 most unfortunate TV characters. A certain watcher-turned-rogue-demon-hunter gets a mention.

Wesley's story is probably my favourite arc of any of the actors in Joss's shows.
Huh, at first I was thinking unfortunate in terms of "unfortunate to exist" rather than haunted by misfortune and was a little confused.
I think Lady Catenly from, "Game of Thrones", wins that chair.

Don't even talk, fingers shake.
It's a rule of thumb I learned from Wes - never trust a giant talking hamburger more than your friends.
I too love Wes' arc - second only to Spike's in my view. I loved almost all of the steps except the losing-the-love-of-your-life-just-when-you-gained-him/her because that became such a trope.
Why is Alexis not a huge movie star? His arc on Buffy and then Angel is awesome, from (as the article pointed out) bumbling comic relief at the start to tragic doomed hero at the end.
Hopefully MAAN will raise his public profile. The guy should be huge.
When I need a good cry I have to watch Wes dying and Illyria offering to become Fred. No matter how many times I see it .... POW, right in the gut. Wes was bad-ass and wonderful.

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