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June 08 2013

A quick interview with Amy Acker. Amy talks Joss and Shakes over at Ain't It Cool News in a brief interview... minor spoilers for Much Ado, if you consider Shakespeare plot details spoiler territory.

awww! its amy
Okay, that's Alexis and Amy in a romantic pairing again, and we've seen Aly and Seth in a non-romantic pairing. Any other Buffyverse re-pairings in the offing? Anywhere? Any studio? Any property? SMG & Adam Kauffman *snerk? Adam Busch and Ammelinda Embry? :-)

If anyone ever makes the Susan Hayward bio-pic with Aly, if it had happened some years ago James could've played Eaton Chalkely. She could still do the title role, but he'd be a stretch now as her love interest.

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