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June 09 2013

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number. It has song, dance, magic, acrobatics. There's a reason this is his fourth time hosting the Tony Awards. You can also see his closing number.

Magic! I'm on a plane and forgot to record it so thanks!
I DVRed it and have already watched it four times Wonderful! Seeing the looks of amazement and appreciation on the faces of the all the Broadway veterans in the audience was great, too!
Hah, so much fun. It's seeing the guys in the audience grinning like a loon in exactly the same way as me that makes it extra special for me too!
i top my hat off to neil again, another reason to love him so
Ugh- watched the whole thing, only to have my local CBS station cut off the last number right before it started so they could run the news, with no warning or explanation. Grr...
How cool is it that not only is he immensely talented, he looks like he is really having a great time too! What's not to love.
I hadn't planned on watching the entire awards ceremony, but NPH's opening number sucked me in. I was a little disappointed with his closing number, if only because I had such high expectations. But those stage actors really know how to put on a show. I was impressed with all the children, even if there is a "standard" way for children to sing on Broadway that bugs me a little. But that very young kid with the tap dance routine was fabulous. I liked NPH's references to the kids, and his reference to Doogy--he could certainly relate to all those youngsters and what they must go through. But NPH is in a league all his own. So much talent, and, as said above, an amazing response to his opening number by his peers. And how the heck did he get from the magic act all the way to the back of the auditorium to re-enter without even seeming very out of breath in his singing. Amazing.
Indeed: amazing!
Congratulations Neil, you're doing GREAT.
Well we had a major fail here in the midwest: CBS cut off the Tony Awards at 10 pm on the dot, switching to a Private Practice rerun. So I missed the final winners and Neil's closing number! I did get to watch the youtube video of that closing number, which made me happy, but I'm still annoyed with CBS.
Wow, that opening number was certainly something else. And I know it ruins the magic trick to know how it works, but I'm dying to know how they did that!
Amazing! I can't wait to rewatch. It was even touching.
He's more than ready to host the Oscars. Make it happen someone.
Tony, Neil... Meet Emmy. I've watched this clip about 10 times today.
NPH needs to host all of the things, from the Oscars to the Espys to destination Bat Mitzvahs. It may spread him a bit thin, but the world would be better for his sacrifice.

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