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June 10 2013

More from Joss about his latest projects. The UK release of Much Ado About Nothing is this Friday and so begins a new cycle of Joss interviews. First up is There's also interviews with, DigitalSpy, SFX and Click.

There is a really interesting response in that Click interview regarding Joss' style of writing and his future projects:

"I think it would be lovely to do something that was not only not derivative of somebody elseís work or of anything Iíve done before but is even not developed in the way I traditionally develop things. So I'm sort of investigating an area that interests me that I have no idea the medium, or the structure or any of it. I'm trying to come up with something in a purely pure fashion to see if I can create that way. And if I turns out I canít, that I need the genre tropes all to be in place beforehand, or lightsabres, then Iíll do that."

Genre writers are often criticized for using previously established elements in story creation. Joss is essentially saying that he wants to produce something completely original in the future, thus implying that he has not yet done this. As a genre writer and fan, I would argue that creating something fun, unique, or distinctive that plays with established boundaries and tropes is equally as important and artistic as creating a brand new, unclassifiable work.
CLICK: Finally, after The Avengers 2 if you could do any movie at all what would it be? Would you go back to Goners [a script heís been working on since 2005]? Or maybe even Star Wars?!
JW: Star Wars has been taken and I think is in very good hands.
The absence of a response re: Goners clearly is just to torture me.
That's just paranoid, b!X - clearly his lack of response re: Goners is to torture all fifteen or so of the remaining members of the forum.

Our Joss thinks big.
It has more remaining fans than Firefly has epi... no, I'm not going there.
Tickets x2 booked for Friday opening viewing. Can. Not. Wait.
It's so cute when Joss puts on his English lilt for the British interviews!

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