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June 10 2013

Nathan Fillion doesn't expect to be a Marvel superhero soon. IGN on Nathan's thoughts about superheroism in his future.

Don't get me wrong... I love Nathan (and Amy, and Franz, and Tom, and Alexis) but it does get a bit boring to see the same actors shuffled around throughout Whedonverse projects. Maybe I am the only one who feels that way. I would rather see the actors doing other things and the projects highlighting other talent. Except for Neil PH, he can play anything and I will buy a ticket!
I always find it exciting to see the actors I loved in earlier Joss Whedon projects, showing up in new Whedon projects. I mean Alan Tudyk was completely different from Wash, and totally knocked my socks off, as Alpha! Amy Acker played two very different roles (as Fred and Illyria) in Angel, but then was completely different again in Dollhouse (and have you seen her on Person of Interest? She is scary and brilliant!). I cannot imagine ever being bored by anything such talented people do, it isn't like Joss is asking them to ever repeat themselves by playing the same role over and over again.

And of course to talk specifically about Nathan: he was compelling as Mal, scary as Caleb, over-the-top funny as Captain Hammer, and then understatedly hilarious as Dogberry. I would like to see him do a lot more roles, he is clearly full of surprises.
Castle and SHIELD are both on ABC - Crossover episode!!!!!!
I think that Joss, were he to bring back an actor from days gone by, for AoS (or Avengers 2), would very likely have that actor be doing something different than that they had done previously, something that would challenge them.
From the comments in the recent interview with Sean Maher, I'd argue that Joss himself is very aware of the exasperation felt by you, baxter. From his statements, he pays a great deal of attention to the "goodness of fit", which I would presume only works well with actors who are clear and confident in what they are and aren't good for. He then casts them when it very obviously works for all parties involved not just for the sake of being good friends, as we can presume was the case for JAR in AoS. Amy Acker has also pointed out early on that she wasn't in the right age range for the roles on offer in AoS. So even if the, "Would it be nice if..." does get floated around, especially by fans keen to repeat what's worked, it sounds to me like what happened with Much Ado (convening familiar, dependable faces) was an extenuating circumstance and far from, for him, the norm.

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