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June 10 2013

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #25 solicitation and Phil Noto cover. This is the final issue of Buffy Season 9. You can see the Georges Jeanty cover at this link.

I love that Jeanty cover.
sounds like a pretty feel good issue.
Yeah it would be nice to end this season on a bit of a positive note.
It's the Season Finale. Wonder what comes next.
Need to play catch up with this season overall, but will be in time to enjoy the final arc.
Love the colors in both of those. Very intrigued by the lack of information revealed about these last few issues. I can't see this ending on a completely happy note.
Hmmmm, that blurb is stinking of misdirect to me....
The blurb is extremely non-specific, which tells me they can't really say anything at all without it being a big spoiler.
Zero information in the blurb could mean that writers cook something nasty for Buffy. It's hard to believe in a feelgood ending in a Joss Whedon story.
Note Buffy's hair in the Jeanty variant... Looks pretty different from how he's been drawing it all the time, even in motion.

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