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June 11 2013

Top ten underused Whedon characters. Characters we might have enjoyed seeing more of, according to SFX.

The list starts with Clem, a real favourite of mine.

Definitely agree with Gwen Raiden and Saffron.

Cos I'm shallow.

Deal with it.
Lets just make it a "top eleven" and include Ethan Rayne.
I think Doyle belongs on the list. Too bad that didn't work out.
Generally disagreed with all but one of the entries, feeling that, perhaps barring those characters whose exploration was curtailed due to a show's cancellation, most were served up in just the right amount.

Jenny had a fair amount of screen time--enough to elicit the appropriate emotional reaction to her demise. There was enough Quentin to make Buffy's emancipation speech satisfying.

Clem didn't seem meant to be much more than (a representative of nearly benign demondom and) comic relief (Always reminded me of Johnny from Airplane... " This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl..."). Etc.

Halfrek's recognizing of Spike as William was enticing, but otherwise I'd seen enough of her.

The exception, Whistler, who seems extremely back-story friendly.

Joss always seemed to have quite a handle on giving characters appropriate amounts of time to complete their arcs. Chanterelle/Lily/Anne spoke to this extremely well. Even Holden mentioning Scott Hope's outcoming. Nice touches.

Something I'd have liked to have seen...a bit more matured Cordy/Scooby interaction.
I'd have loved to have seen April the robot become a regular. She could have had a great arc learning to be human and part of the gang. I assume they'd have had to try to explain the whole "Do not kill, unless they're a vampire" thing to her.
Only problem is it would have been very similar to Anya.
Holland Manners
Yay Clem!

And Travers. But I like Watchers.
I quite liked Manny. And I'd like to think if Dollhouse, Firefly and Angel had lived natural show lives then this list would have been more or less redundant.
I didn't agree with all of those, but this actually made me want to rewatch Dollhouse, which I haven't yet done and wasn't sure I'd want to.
I'm sorry, I'm not alwyas a firm follower of Trust the tale, not the teller," but here, sorry, we only have off-hand commentary (and from another writer, not Joss) that Cecily was one of Halfrek's disguises. Not strong enough for me. (likewise, I beleive the floating head agruing wiht willow in "Villains," was not Osiris but a henchbeing, and he was knocked for a loop, not destroyed.) But yes, both could've been used more.

Mostly agree with the choices.
Always thought they could have done more with Mr. Platt, the school shrink.
No love for Bicks...
I heard -- from a commentary by Tim Minear, I think? -- that the reason Whistler and Doyle are so similar is that Whistler was actually going to be on AtS. I forget why that didn't happen, though. Whistler was interesting, though a bit of an assault on the eyeballs.

And I agree with BringItOn5x5 about Mr. Platt. He was cool.
I liked all those characters, but didn't feel any yearning to see more of the ones from Buffy/Angel. Although it would have been interesting to see Gwen's character develop somehow.

From Dollhouse, I would have loved a lot more time with Amy Acker's character(s).

From Firefly -- just more time with everyone.
Although Cassie did have a good amount of screen time in S7, I found her character fascinating and I still want more time with her.
ManEnoughToAdmitIt, Max Perlich, the actor who played Whistler, was not available during "Angel's" first season. And jcs, yes, on "Firefly," never mind the guest characters, we needed more time with the whole show.
Gwen, Saffron, Badger, and Kate Lockley (wish she had come back in S5 honestly).
Vi, because Felicia!
FWIW, some of these characters get their due screentime (er... page time?) in the comics. Gwen and Nina have large parts to play in the events of Angel: After the Fall. And Clem and Cecily return in various ways in the Buffy comics.

I'm okay with the amount of Whistler we have. Dog me. Mustard.
Theresa could've hbad an itjeretsing arc, if they'd gone thta way & S-2 hadn't been so jam-packed. As Buffy said, "She had a lot of friends," and when Angelus mentioned Buffy's name , Theresa immediately trusted him. She could have appeared briefly ins everal episodes as the group's "best friend who doesn't know what's going on." (although when she ended up turned, it would've sent a disturbing message so maybe it's all to the best there.) Once she was a vmapire, her friendliness seemed to turn into a knack for psychological warfare, so she would've been very scary ahnging around as sort of a female Angelus. But she'd need to be dusted before "Becoming" anyway, or Buffy and Spike would have had no chance at all.

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