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June 12 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #22. It's the second part of 'The Core' arc.

It was awfully bad.

The good : The Spike-Dawn arc with a nice surprise.
So, Zompires CAN enter a house without being invited ! Makes them way more threatening (and somewhat underused, greater things could have been done with this)
There are one or two good-looking panels.

The 'meh' : Eldre Koh's story. It could have been good, but it just falls flat, I didn't really care.

The bad : The art. The art the art the art. There are some Last-gleaming-y panels that just look horrible. I love Jeanty's art only when his work can be named 'art', and it's not the case here.
Big pacing issues : Buffy fights a lot. Buffy talks a bit. Willow fights a lot. Willow talks a bit, ...

The horrible : There is a nice little surprise with the red-balloon girl that could have led to a great fight ... But Severin just do his siphon thing and he wins. Stupid.
The 2 last pages with Xander make me angry. Really. This was THE scene I've been expecting for like 2 months and it was supposed to be powerful, but it's not. It's poorly written, and poorly drawn. Everything feels out of character in these pages.
Oh and ... Am I the only one to see a penis on Buffy's head with her awful haircut ?

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Yeah... I didnt like it much either. IŽll wait till 23 to make a definitive judgement on it but those two last pages were a bit underwhelming for all that build up. I dont have much a problem with Xander betraying the rest, but his logic and motivations are a bit pedestrian... at least in the execution. And the scenes themselves just kinda tensionless and unexpressive. But thats just for now. IŽll hold judgement till the season ends. The rest of the issue was a bit repetitive in the fight, but really, really great in the Dawn/Spike compartment. I loved that.
Spike/Dawn was brilliant. I loved seeing him proactively react to the fear of losing his memories. Just simply nice to see Spike back where he should be and interacting with someone else he cares for (nice to see the progress from the mini paying off). Otherwise, just as everyone is saying, too much fighting, too much time wasted on Billy, although I'm grateful he/Anaheed are now off elsewhere and I can ignore that mini. And yes, the art was bad. *Paul Lee* she whispers hopefully. :D

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Dawn/Spike was great - the first time I've enjoyed what's been done with Spike this season since Buffy no 7. Between then and now, he's just been going around in circles (the mini series) or being used as comic relief (A&F).

Xander's revelation at the end was very underwhelming. What should have been a big, dramatic moment was just...dull.

A pity, since the title really did seem to be improving at last in this latest arc.

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Hey, I quite enjoyed it. It's a Part 2 issue. Never gonna set the world on fire.
I did a summary/review for this one. Didn't have a whole lot to say (my complaints don't quite match everyone else's), but if anyone who hasn't read it is curious about this alleged bad art, I got you an example.
The writing is just pedestrian -- you could sum up the whole issue with bullet points and not really lose anything. I think it's to do with the emphasis on fighting. That takes up a lot of space and leaves less room to get at dense emotional issues. Same thing happened in the middle issues of Last Gleaming.

Also, every panel devoted to Billy is a waste of space. He's got no organic connection to the story, and they take out time to explain why he's going to go off to be in his own story for a while? It's a huge disservice to the agenda that they couldn't figure out a way to integrate him into Buffy's book more organically. (He's got no connection to any of the main characters).

The panels that are a big hit all around are the Spike/Dawn panels, but even there it's a bullet point: Spike's a good guy who cares about Dawn. (Don't get me wrong -- happy to see a hug. I've always wanted to see the Spike-Dawn friendship thread picked up again. But you'd never know from this that Spike and Dawn haven't spoken in years.)
Another sadly boring issue. Dawn/Spike, particularly his way of dealing with the issue of forgetting, was the small highlight. Everything else just felt almost like filler (see also: Billy. Who we wasted a few issues on for precisely no real significance) You'd think with the numbers the fact that the new subspecies of vampires can now come in uninvited might have been discovered long ago, too. Even used in an interesting twist. But no. Another element thrown in with no real impact or excitement. Sigh.

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Did anyone else see Gandalf the White attacking Willow? Hah

That was all I really took from this issue. I did like the attitude from Buffy in the last panel, "We have to save the world. Again."
The most disappointing issue for me so far. By the time, it ended, I was like, huh?
I get that fights need to take place but even they felt, how to put it best, unspecific.
I didn't think it was a bad issue. There were a few story points that seemed awfully rushed, notably Xander's quick admission of his betrayal, and Severin's almost comically easy takedown of the Red Balloon Demon. (Seriously, do these "Guardians" still not know who Severin is and what he does? He is not scared of your magic, guys.)

I liked the Spike/Dawn bits. And I'm curious to find out what this secret is that Anaheed apparently knows about Simone.

I thought the art was fine. Didn't notice anything particularly off about it. Then again, I've always liked Jeanty's work.
The covers made me believe that Spike is back in Buffy's team again in this issue, and that there will be Buffy/Spike interaction. I feel cheated.

Xander revealing his motives is underwhelming. I expected an epic confrontation, but it was so by-the-numbers. There's a similar scene in every season.

The Spike-Dawn scene was nice, but it was short. I expect continuation in the next issue. Looks like Spike won't see Buffy this season.
I have Buffy # 22,The Core Part II.

This issue was sort of eh.It's basically an action issue with some set up for different things.

We got the setup for Billy and Anaheed to go off for their Dark Horse Presents 3 parter(and I will be passing on that.Not because I have no interest but because money is going to be tight for me the next few weeks).

We got the setup for Spike's next interaction with Buffy I would assume with taking Anaheed's info about Simone to Buffy.

We got the setup for the fallout of Xander's betrayal now that it's been revealed to Buffy and Willow.

As far as that goes.It played out how I would expect.It does make me wonder once again if Xander will sacrifice himself to fix his mistake and poor judgment.If we hadn't already learned that NB is involved in season 10 via the writers summit photo,I would peg Xander's death as a sure bet.Considering Nick is involved as a seaso n10 creator,I'm expecting some type of fallout from this playing into season 10.

The Spike and Dawn scene was nice but now that Spike is also starting to lose memory of Dawn(and rushes to tape record his memory of her to boot), I'm left pondering if Buffy,Xander and Willow are next.I would guess Willow's memory would go first between the three with Xander and Buffy next.I'm also curious if Giles remembers Dawn now too.

Koh hasn't been much of character to me so his epiphany while logically I get just really causes a shrug from me.

The end reveal by Illyria about Severin's plan dosen't jibe for me since we saw that sort of thing doen in After The Fall with no apocalyptic consequences.

Even though they aren't connected,it did make me wonder how Whistler's,Pearl and Nash's plans would jube with Sevrine's and Simone's

So overall,this was a bit on the dull side for me even with the action.
Buffyfantic ; After the Fall storyline involved LA being dropped into a pocket dimension, so ending it didn't require re-booting the whole world.
That could be a difference, in two or more ways.

Kairos: Thanks for letting me see what I won't be missing and making me almost wish I were.
Frustrating issue. Xander's betrayal is a HUGE thing and yet it doesn't feel that way. It's just there. Redefinition of wasted potential if the next two issues don't deliver.
This all just seemed off. Spike running to get a tape recorder? Just seemed really odd, not something the character would do. I'm not sure i get the love people are giving to the spike scene, again it seemed so far from what his voice is the way joss wrote it that it took me out of it completely. Seems like people are enjoying more of the nostalgia that the dialogue stirs in them than the actual scene itself, which I have to say I felt it was poorly written.
Actually, I thought Spike deciding immediately to start documenting Dawn was a positive for the issue -- it's pragmatism, it's ingenuity, and it's even artistry; words, his art. Right now it's just him tying a string around his finger, but as this goes on, it could also be... her legacy. I hope he takes it back in and keeps it running while they talk.
I thought this was a stunning issue. Very faced paced and action heavy. Xander's betrayal is a huge deal but he did it so dim wittingly, he ended up screwing everything up, again. bye bye Dawn! I can't wait for the next issue.
p.s to everyone who thinks 'that's not something Spike would do' well... he's had a soul for a few years now and has been on quite the journey since the show ended. All the characters have. These are the characters they've become.
I've been so disappointed with this season, it's just a mess and full of cop outs. Buffy gets pregnant oh not really, Xander betrays them, ahh well never mind.

I can't see how they can get Angel & Faith so right and Buffy so wrong. I read this and I just don't recognise any of the characters at all. Terrible writing, not a fan of the artwork which can be overlooked if the writing is good enough.

The gimmick of Billy. Nothing wrong with a new character but to crow bar them in in such a badly written gimmicky way was just awful. Thank god he'll be gone for a while.

This issue just sums it all up for me so much potential for good story pretty much thrown away. Big Xander reveal turns into a damp squib, Buffy apart from fighting really does nothing in this issue same with Willow, Spike Dawn was a nice touch but again that felt like it could have been expanded to a whole issue all of it's own.

I just don't feel the writing staff is upto it. I remember back in Season 8(which wasn't too great either) I was reading an issue and suddenly felt I was right back with Buffy and the Scoobies, I checked the writer of that issue? It was Joss. The current writers just don't have what it takes. I'd say get Christos Gage onboard but I don't want him to leave Angel & Fait.

My addiction for all things Buffy keeps me reading but right now it feels almost masochistic.
So it seems like the best part of this issue was a scene that I wished had taken place ten years ago, and now loses a lot of it's meaning due to Dawn not remembering the relationship at all. This is neither what I want NOR what I need.
At this point I think Dawn will die, they do love their death after reunion story.
There has got to be some kind of explanation about why the town needs Billy in particular, a teen with no special powers. Anyone?
Did Andrew's cookies impart super strength? With all the panels of cookies that must have had some special meaning right?

And the Xander thing did just kind of peter out didn't it? I was kind of with Xander on the re-set thing, I would love to be able to say that Twilight didn't happen, not in an Angel and Faith way where it happened but they pretend it didn't, but to have it actually not to have happened might be okay with me.
Smart move Spike (taping your thoughts while still remembering Dawn) I hope it wil have a pay-off

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