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June 12 2013

Joss Whedon on Much Ado and what future projects interest him. The most interesting bits to me are toward the end, where he discusses his contract outs for smaller projects, and what interests him at this point. References that Wastelanders, Dr. Horrible 2 are not on his schedule. Also mentions In Your Eyes.

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There will always be that one unfinished project for which I will pine, but he's not wrong about indulging the "luxury" of this moment in his career and delving into new things all he can, I think.
I learned a new word: corpsing

Also, I'm sad about Wastelanders and DH2, but pleased with continued ballet references.
A Joss animated film? Pixar, make that call!
I hope he gets to do this ballet. It's good to read about his new ideas, even if there's no news on Wastelanders or Dr Horrible 2.

Also, this part about 'In Your Eyes' stood out.
"Itís interesting. Itís not a conventional movie either. Iíll be interested to see how people react to it."

Any wild speculation as to what this means? My guess based on nothing but the title: could it make use of characters' perspectives? Say, each scene is written/viewed from a particular character's point of view?
People under-estimate the importance of a great nose!

True. True.
Animated Goners.
...What? That could totally happen. Maybe. Sorta.

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