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June 12 2013

Alexis Denisof discusses whether Angel should be brought back and chats about Joss and Much Ado in this interview with Buzzfeed.

I really hope Much Ado gives Alexis the boost he's been looking for since Angel left the airways, he's got such great presence and style. And, quite frankly, I wish more Firefly cast members would give a frank answer about their show's chances of returning like Alexis does about Angel here.
The lead in Firefly isn't a vampire, so it's less impossible.
A very candid and honest answer from Alexis about Angel, and in reality he is right. Great interview though.
It's because for Firefly, Nathan and the rest of the cast are open to returning. I don't see David Boreanaz (or Sarah Michelle Gellar) agreeing to return... even if we take immortality out of the equation.
Great interview! It made me really want to see some more of Alexis... so I'm off to try out H+ now.

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