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June 12 2013

Marti Noxon to write Tomb Raider reboot film. Variety has the exclusive.

Why? I know Marti will make a script 52% LESS vapid then the last one... but why a film and games roboot?
It's been about ten years since the last movie, though. I've never seen either of them, or even played the games, but that is probably long enough in today's movie world to take another shot at it. I mean, Spiderman and Superman have been rebooted recently and in a shorter amount of time, right?.
Marti would be great for this.

Has anyone here played the new Tomb Raider game? If the film is done in a similar way, making Lara more inexperienced, then showing her progression into a hardened hero, I'd be stoked.

I played the new Tomb Raider as well. I actually quite liked it, for the progression like you mentioned as well as some other stuff. I'd be surprised if they went that way in the film, though. Although critically it did ok, I think it didn't do very well commercially. In fact, I think the president of Square Enix resigned because it (as well as some other titles) didn't perform as well as hoped.

Regardless, looking forward to what Marti does with it!
I hope this movie doesn't follow the new game.
Then it might become decent.
Hayley Atwell for Lara Croft.

The new game is not played in my house, because it's unsuitable for the kids, who loved the last couple of Tomb Raiders. Tomb Raider should not be ultra violent and sweary.
I'm happy for her, but I'm still really annoyed by this plan. I actually loved the original film - silly as it was - and to me there's no Lara Croft but Angelina Jolie. I don't see why they're remaking it already. It's only been 12 years. And is it just me, or is it really disrespectful to recast an actor who is still young and capable of playing the part? (Not necessarily willing, but nonetheless.) I understand if it's Spiderman or something with a really exciting origin story, but there isn't much to "originate" with Lara Croft, is there? (I've never played the game, so I could be wrong.) I just don't see the point of this.
synaesthesia, I believe it sold more than any other Tomb Raider game ever though. I think thats Enix's ridiculous predictions rather than any fault of the game. They had insane predictions for their last few games too, and, as a result of that, budget reasons, etc, have recently had a company re-structuring.

Anyway, I love the game. Am interested in a reboot. I hope they cast someone good, and I also hope they don't just copy Katniss.
synaesthesia as Jaymii said the game sold very well but Square spent so much on marketing trying to get COD type sales(which never happens for these games) that it became a disaster.

As for the film? The best thing to do is to make it an female Indiana Jones type film(after all they ruined Jones in the last film). But with Marti on board it should be good but I expect a misunderstood pretty blonde bad boy to show up somewhere they always do in her films. But sadly I expect a film aimed at the Twilight crowd which is as far from me as can be.

Prettymark There is an origin story spread out over the games that could be used but they've just rebooted it so it depends which version they want to base it on. As for the reboot they are more than likely going to go for a young teen or twenties star to bring in the tween audience so Jolie is sadly too old for that type of role. Not saying that's right but it is the way it works.
I'm kinda excited about this! I've played all the Tomb Raider games - have nearly finished the latest one - and would love to see a better-scripted film. I did enjoy the two previous films and absolutely adore Jolie as Lara, I thought her action sequences were fantastic. But I'd be interested to see an origin film in the vein of the latest idea about casting though, if they're going to go for a younger Lara. I'd have no qualms about Jolie continuing with the role, if that was possible!
yes, the game did well (3.4 million copies in the first month *without* counting digital sales on the pc and it was a Steam top seller for a while), Square Enix was just delusional going after CoD numbers(same thing with the latest Hitman and the Deus Ex reboot). It's a popular and mostly well regarded game.

I'm happy this is in Marty's hands. I enjoyed the Angelina's Tomb Raiders very much (and, yes, the movies weren't great but she absolutely was) but I think a Tomb Raider origin movie has potential to be the first videogame-inspired movie that's actually good. And in a movie the transition from college girl to badass adventurer can be paced much more realistically than in a game. That's the main problem, story wise, the Tomb Raider reboot had.
The perfect Lara Croft would have been Kate Beckinsale, about 10 years ago. She'd still be perfect today, if they were willing to go with a 40-year-old Lara.

I never cared about the Jolie movies. I think the game was at its best in the Legend/Underworld period, and if I was going to see a Tomb Raider movie that's the continuity I'd want it set in.
@fineater: "But with Marti on board it should be good but I expect a misunderstood pretty blonde bad boy to show up somewhere they always do in her films."

What misunderstood pretty blonde boy did appear in Fright Night, the only movie of hers I've seen (I know she apparently wrote two others, that makes a total of three)? There's no blonde guy there except maybe for the protagonist played by Yelchin, and he's not bad or misunderstood; there's a really bad dark haired guy played by Colin Farrell who's not misunderstood or nice or good in any way, just a total sadistic bastard; there's a flamboyant comic supporting character played by David Tennant, who's definitely not blonde; and there's a nerdy friend who turns out to be quite a misogynistic creep, who's neither blonde nor pretty.
Gosh, how I missed marti, got to love that girl!
I don't know. She used to be a great writer, but her recent works are far from great IMO (I can't even believe she wrote that Glee Christmas shi* ..)
Well, at least we're sure that it won't be some misogynistic crap. Wait & see !
Loved the TR games (have not played the latest one) and thought the movies were bad. I will give this a try though if it ever happens.
@Jaymii and faneater
Ah, well that makes me feel better, as like I said, I thought it was a pretty decent game. Thanks for clearing that up.
I adore Marti and love all her work. Thrilled she is handling this property.
Dunno from the game(s) but I *loved* the film version of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (the second notsomuch) - and Angelina playing Lara. So convincing, such a powerhouse, and truly: it was impossible to take your eyes off her (and Daniel Craig. I also liked the Daniel Graigosity of it all.) I dunno why we gots to re-boot it, but this apparently is one of the big Hollywood defaults at the moment...

I don't know who would be best for Update Lara, but at this point I'd prolly watch Tatiana Maslany or Jennifer Lawrence reading a Wall Street journal article out loud. #JustSayin

I like the Marti Noxonity of this, too. I'm one of those Buffy fans that, even with the strained magic-as-drug addiction metaphor, loves season 6. Looking forward to seeing what she does with this other kick-ass icon.

There's some more here at The Mary Sue.
The reboot was an excellent game. The voice actress for Lara Croft is Camilla Luddington who plays "Jo" on "Grey's Anatomy". A lot of the fans of the game like the idea of her in the role but I'm not sure if she is quite the right look they'd be going for. I think Jennifer Lawrence could play the role because it would be very physical and Hunger Games was a gritty movie like this game is. Can she pull of a British accent though?
The original films were garbage but the new game and having Mari onboard have me a bit excited for the new one.

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