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June 12 2013

Innovators and Icons: Joss Whedon the genre slayer. Joss talks with USA Today about how he likes to mix it up on screens big and small. Warning: there is a (lovely) video that automatically (annoying) plays when the page loads.

This is a great interview. I feel like whenever USA Today covers something geeky in depth then the topic has officially entered the awareness of the mainest of stream.
I love the end quote from Joss: "We are all of us incoherent text," he continues, "and just knowing that knowing that no matter how much you say, 'I am this' and part of you is not that means that you can say it."

Whedon motions to his chest. "It's a democracy in here. It's not a dictatorship."

-- "we are all of us incoherent text" is a great insight to why he writes characters that resonate with me, with so many people.
I love this quotation: a recent conversation with Squire: "She said, 'My teacher asked me who my favorite director was, and I said it was my daddy and Hayao Miyazaki.' I was like, 'I'm happy to be in his company.' ".

That's a little girl with good taste!

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