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June 13 2013

Joss Whedon to guest on The Colbert Report. He'll be on next Thursday. This could be the greatest thing ever.

Nice! Since Jon Stewart isn't on the Daily Show at the moment anyway (Oliver is doing a good job though), this sounds like the next best thing. I hope the Romney video gets a mention.
O_O - Stood-up and clapped my hands, event though (or especially because) I am alone in my office.
Exactly my reaction when I found out this was happening half hour ago.
How long have I waited for this!
Yes! I love the Colbert Report (even though it moved to cable over here and I can't watch it anymore), and I'll be looking forward to seeing clips eventually!
Is it me or does Joss seem to be getting more media time for Shakespeare than he did for Avengers?

If so, I approve.
C. A. Bridges, I think the media latched onto the quirkiness of a big Hollywood blockbuster guy following up his big Hollywood blockbuster with a tiny black and white movie. It's not what typically happens when you get big, loud movies (see: Michael Bay).
Last year, in mainstream media terms Joss "was the cult tv show creator that Marvel (maybe insanely) trusted their biggest movie gamble", now he turned into "director of the third highest grossing movie of all time, specialist of everything geek, why is his follow-up project a black & white Shakespeare adaptaion".

Not that I am complaining about the coverage, but the mainstream media mindset was expected, yet disappoiting.
Pretty sure Much Ado About Nothing needs more press than The Avengers, and Joss was't the main selling point for The Avengers, whereas with Much Ado About Nothing (especially after the success of The Avengers), Joss is probably the biggest selling point, maybe next to Nathan and Clark.

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This is a dream come true!
Avengers was a movie full of media-darling stars, but now for Much Ado--in part because of Avengers--Joss is the biggest star.

Also I imagine it makes a difference that Avengers had a huge media engine behind it, and Much Ado probably pretty much just has Joss and his wife anyway.
I love Colbert, however he does not really let his guests talk much; so it is not clear if we'll hear much from Joss, or just many, many funny Colbert jokes.
Yeah I think that when AVENGERS came out all the talk shows wanted Robert Downey, Jr, and the other big name stars to come on their shows. But Much Ado About Nothing... really the big name stars are Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion (Nathan was great on Conan last night!).
It's not what typically happens when you get big, loud movies (see: Michael Bay).

Great. Now I'm waiting for Michael Bay's Titus Andronicus.
I predict that Joss's sense of humor gels very well with Colbert's. I'm so excited for this.
Redeem147, I kinda think "Pain & Gain" was Michael Bay's "Titus Andronicus."
I've never seen this much press not only for Joss, but containing so much Actual Live Joss... and yeah, it partly has to be the contrast of making the third-highest-grossing movie of all time followed by releasing an unambitious black & white Shakespeare movie. It's a good story, with big money and some sex (in the movie) and some increasingly popular names...

And I would imagine it also includes as a factor Joss' willingness to do this kind and level of press/promo, and also the promotional skills of whoever handles promotions for Bellwether & Lionsgate et al. They done pretty massively good.

Joss and Colbert - I honestly never thought I'd live to see the day. I love the whole Colbert schtick, but then he's not usually interviewing folks I care a whole lot about. It seems to work best with folks that sit back, let Colbert do his thing, and then get a well-placed short zinger in.... it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
It's hilarious how active this thread is for an interview that hasn't even happened yet.
I would love to see Joss to The Graham Norton Show - he's in England right now isn't he? Maybe it will happen!
I'm excited about this, I foresee some kind of sarcasm competition. Joss' Romney ad (wanting him elected to bring on the zombie apocalypse) is right up Stephen's alley.
Oh awesome. I've been wishing for this for awhile. But I'm still wishing harder for Jon Stewart.
I am unreasonably excited for this. Yay!
insistondoubt, if only! I've been hoping for Tom Hiddleston for a while now but still no dice.

I squeed when I saw this Colbert news! Sure a small (significant) part of me wishes it were Stewart but since he's not there... this actually would turn out better. Stephan might be the bigger nerd. Next Thursday seems so far away now!
Stephen Colbert and Joss also share a huge love for musical theater, so I'm hoping for a major male bonding (maybe a bromance!).

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