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June 13 2013

Watch part of the Joss Whedon interview from this morning's BBC Breakfast show. There's a new clip from Much Ado at the start, fast forward to 0:47 if you want to avoid being spoiled for the movie. If you live in the UK, you can view the interview in full here.

That was very abruptly cut off! Was there more that we don't see?
The full clip is available here.

Can you view it? It may not be accessible outside the UK.
Nope. Hope somebody puts it in youtube... Thanks though. :)

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I love that this post has a spoiler warning for something written 415 years ago.
LazyDolphin, well the West coast is a little behind....
BBC early morning stuff often ends abruptly that way. And I for one appreciate the spoiler warning, simply not wanting to know too much before the two (glorious!) showings I get to see tomorrow.
Is it just me, or did Joss's accent get a little more English? It would make sense with his school background. First Summer's Texas twang showing up, now Joss's Britishism...
I've been noticing traces of English in his accent too in the UK interviews, more on the consonants than anything else. I wonder if anyone's ever asked him whether he picked up the accent during his time at school here.

(And off-topic, his recent tweets of photos of Amy and Alexis at the Globe are some of my new favourite things.)

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