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June 13 2013

The Last of Us, a video game with Ashley Johnson in a lead role, releases at midnight tonight. Ashley, who appeared in The Avengers, Dollhouse and Much Ado About Nothing, stars as 14 year-old Ellie alongside Troy Baker. Video links inside this story.

This game has received universal acclaim and seems to be a genre defining title. I personally believe it will remain as a statement to the story-telling power of video games. Some videos:

Trailer (warning: it gets violent), interview with the actors, behind the scenes, and the scene you just got behind.

She's in three Joss productions so I edited your entry to show that. The reviews for the game have been stellar, shame I have a 360.
Yeah, makes me wish I had a Playstation. And Ashley is great.
Oh wow, I forgot about those somehow. Thanks, Simon.
I just saw that she did the voice of Gretchen in Recess. That's one of my favourite ever cartoons. It's a small world.
Simon! Recess is one of the best cartoons, and I love Ashley Johnson even more now!
I truly hate that I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to start playing this game... **SADNESS**

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