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March 01 2004

TV Gal gives midseason a fresh start Mentions of Angels 5.15, Gina Torre's and Eric Balfour's latest gigs and forthcoming reviews of Wonderfalls and Celeste in the City.

Gina Torres currently stirring up trouble as Julia on "24" will guest star on the March 11 episode of "CSI."

That's all for today. I'll be back next week with reviews of new series "Cracking Up" and "Wonderfalls." I'll also have a look at the new ABC Family movie "Celeste in the City"

Amatangelo makes an interesting point about whether Fred's dead for good. Whedon's certainly killed many major female characters many times before, at least on Buffy. Besides, it was a supernatural death. That means she can be brought back by supernatural means. Willow can resurrect her or Wolfram & Hart can like they did to Darla.
Ok something dawned on me while watching BTVS End of Days - today - the woman told Buffy the history behind the sythe said it killed the last pure demon on Earth and the rest were driven underground. Now flash forward to Fred becoming an old one a pure demon. One might think that this might be part of Joss's plan all along to bring perhaps Buffy (doubtful) or perhaps less doubtful Faith back to Angel with the sythe.

Just a thought anyone else she the Joss foreshadowing mind tricks at work here, or is it just me???
If the actors/actresses were available and we had higher hopes for Angel returning next season, I could see them going with this. Eventually. But there is *too* much left to tie up right now so unless they can somehow give us the answer to what the heck W&H wants from Angel, I'll be pissed. It'd be cool if we discovered it was actually The First working through means of.. business? Dunno. With all these Powers out there, everything's getting confusing. I'd like to learn more about the SP, PTB, and this Shanshu thing so hopefully we'll get all of these things answered. I'm sure they can think up a story to make all of this clash.
RavenU, it isn't just you. I never thought of it like that until you just mentioned it, but it sounds like that's what could happen. Especially since all the buzz about Eliza possibly doing the finale. And it just sounds so...right.
it would be better to have SMG with the sythe.........that would be awesome!
I thought it was kind of amusing while watching The O.C. last week, that Eric Balfour's character is engaged to Navi Rawat's character. Jesse from season one of Buffy engaged to Dana the crazy vampire slayer? I live for that kind of nerdy stuff!
Wow, i Knew that i had seen Navi Rawat from somewhere else when i was watching the O.C., I didnt even notice that she was dana... well then... that's just neato.
I was thinking that maybe Wolfram and Hart wanted Fred to die. They knew that Gunn would make a deal with that guy to get the brain upgrade, so maybe they timed so he would help with Freds death. If Wolfram and Hart really wanted to hurt Angel they are doing a great job. All those years that they tried to hurt the Fang Gang they never really got the job done. But now that they are working for them they have sucessfully killed Fred, taken Gunns soul, had Spike and Angel nearly kill each other and have basically torn the Fang Gang apart. We always knew W&H was bad, but maybe the only gave Angel and Co. the keys to the castle to try and kill them in the end...

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