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June 13 2013

Much Ado About Nothing opens in the UK and Ireland today. The UK website has a list of the cinemas showing the movie. Currently the movie has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 83% and a Metacritic score of 76 out of 100.

Mark Kermode better see this one soon. He's interviewing Joss in-studio on friday, and I have been awaiting his review for such a long time. No release date for my country yet, though. *something in my eye* What is this salty liquid?! Stop looking at me like that. Not crying...
Isn't Joss on his radio show later today? I think Mark is reviewing it on BBC News (TV) about 5.30pm today.
I think this BBC interview is kind of new, well at least the update time says June 14th, 7h15 GMT.

I think it should be linked to one existent entry instead of getting a new post. Not that much new info.
It's nice to see so many good reviews from traditional newspapers and magazines. I noticed that the reviewer from the Financial Times gave it 5 stars. Hopefully Much Ado will change a few peoples perceptions of Joss.

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Rating wise, I think it's safe to say there is going to be a faction of critics who will hate it for not being a traditional Shakespeare adaptation. Then there will be other critics who have no interest in Shakespeare and expect it to be similar to Whedon's other works. Definitely can't please 'em all.
Peter Bradshaw in The Grauniad thinks it's "weirdly cramped and claustrophobic" and too tasteful for its own good. He thinks Joss just doesn't get it. Guess who I think just doesn't get it? Not linking to this because I think it's one of the most clueless reviews I've seen in a long time.

I saw it on Wednesday and adored it. Some wonderful physical and visual humour. Nathan wasn't just funny, he was touching, too. And Amy was amazing. I am going to have to see it in a cinema again, and the DVD is going to be at the top of my wish-list.

I love The Guardian, but this review sucks. :-(
I just shouted 'IT'S COMING TO THE CURZON!' very loudly. Sorry everyone within earshot.

The Curzon is a lovely small Art Deco cinema and meeting space a few miles from me that makes a point of showing films other than Explosions! Give Us Your Money! It has a small but loyal fanbase and was under threat of closure recently - this will help so much!

In other news(papers), The Times film critic loved it. The splash panel at the top uses the word 'enthralled', and the review starts with the line "If you want the real measure of a director's gift, don't look to the films they make with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. Look what they can create from virtually nothing." Okay, she may not have done a huge amount of research on the cast or she'd have known about Alexis's RSC years and she seems never to have heard of Castle, but she calls it "sexy, sly and smart...brimming with visual wit and irreverent energy."

Sorry for all the quotage, I don't know how to link to an article...
Add my voice to the list of those whose possible woe was converted into hey nonny nonny. Saw it earlier and adored Alexis and Amy. And in a little under 2 hours I'll be seeing it all over again! :)
Just saw it. I was very impressed by Nathan; I've never seen Dogberry played "straight" like that, without hamming up the malapropisms, but it really worked. It reminded me a bit of Leslie Nielson in Police Squad/Naked Gun; similar well-intentioned deadpan.

Has Joss talked anywhere about the decision to film in B&W? Not saying it was a bad choice, just not sure I understood it.
Saw it today for the first time, at the cinema in the Barbican Centre.
I'm not a massive Shakespeare fan and was a bit worried that it might be hard to follow, not having read/seen the play.
However the actors really brought the dialogue to life, Amy and Alexis especially with their verbal sparring. Also some great laugh out loud comedy moments.
The cinema was largely empty but then 6pm is a bit early for prime cinema time. Also, the Barbican's Cinema is a bit off the beaten track (I didn't even know it had one until I saw it listed on the Much Ado site, and I work 10min down the road!)
Hopefully word of mouth and the positive reviews will make the film a well deserved success.
big fan of Mark Kermode here via his podcast. So glad he liked it.

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