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June 14 2013

Great origin stories from Movies & TV. The mythologies of Buffy AND Firefly are featured on this IMDb list.

Also ANGEL by association, of course.
I don't get what the list is about at all. In what sense are "Game of Thrones" and "Doctor Who" origin stories, for example?
It's not saying they are origin stories. It's saying the origin stories (aka underlying mythology) WITHIN each of the films/shows on the list are excellent. For example, the slayer lineage mythos throughout the Buffyverse.
Sorry libradude, that first comment was not only overly negative, but also badly worded.

I agree that it usually would make very little sense to call a thing in its entirety an origin story and would be much more appropriate to say that something contains an origin story.

What left me confused about the list has to do mostly with the fact the descriptions (of "Thrones" and "Doctor Who" at least) are very general and don't seem to mention any origin stories featured on these shows. Now that I thought a little about the origin stories they might be referring too (River Song's for "Doctor Who" and numerous ones on "Thrones") it makes a little more sense to me.

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