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June 14 2013

Much Ado About Nothing goes on slightly wider release in the US this week. Roadside Attractions has a list of screens for the week of June 14th. And check out for some of next week's listings (note that is an unofficial site).

I am soooooo happy it is playing 35 minutes or so from me. I get to see it tomorrow!
We'll be doing a discussion thread for it either today or tomorrow.
Portland next Friday woooooh!

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Tickets now on sale for 6/21 in San Diego CA, Jacksonville FL, Columbus OH, Portland OR, Nashville TN. Links on the Much Signal site.
Do me a favor? Search your zip for the movie on and tell me if anything comes up for 6/21. At least one venue is using them for ticket sales, so this is one way we might be able to flesh out the Much Signal list in batches.

ETA: Maybe also search on Fandango for 6/21.

ETA: Also the Regal Movies site, since they have that poster contest.

ETA: Also maybe.

Excuse all the ETAs.

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I just saw a new ad for it on BBC America during a showing of Batman (the Keaton/Nicholson one)!!!
saw on fandango that the film has made .17 million. Jack the Giant slayer has 65.17 million. I think this means more of us have to go see Much Ado

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