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March 01 2004

Angel Crew Thank You Addresses. Show how much you appreciate the work done by the Angel crew by sending them fanmail (thanks to Allyson for this).

"If you'd like to send fanmail to a crew member, grab a handful of postcards and go down da list. Postcards are best. Easy to sort. Don't have to microwave them. ;-)"

Paramount Studios
Bungalow 11
(Department of your choosing)
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038


Assistant Directors


Art Department



Catering & Craft Service





Make-up and Hair

Make-up Effects


Post Production


Set Dressing

Set Lighting


Special Effects



Visual Effects

Stand Ins

Excellent, and thanks!
Thank you so much. Is it really nerdy of me to be excited to be able to tell these people how much I appreciate them and their work?
You can also send mail to the directors, here, I think. James Contner, Marita Grabiak, Skip Schoolnik, et al.

For writers, writers assistants, and the assistants at Mutant Enemy, I think the PO Box 900 that's been floating around is the best.
Hopefully it gets through - Paramount has a lousey rate of mail delivery. I think last year they lost or misplaced about 10% or more of fan mail they recieved. You might stand a better chance mailing it to ME.
Awesome! Whinging at Jordan Levin was fun for starters, but showing the love for 'Angel' is a much more productive use of postcards and ink. Thanks. :)
RavenU, it's going to be fine.
"Is it really nerdy of me to be excited to be able to tell these people how much I appreciate them and their work?"

No way. Show the love :)

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