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June 16 2013

Love makes Joss Whedon's rep company do the Shakespearean wacky. Great write-up of Much Ado About Nothing in Sight & Sound magazine, it's one of their films of the month.

And if you've seen any other reviews, please do post the link in the comments section,

That is a nice write-up. I like that a lot of these reviews are pointing to the fact that if you commit to some of the sillier moments - and do it right - they become a lot less silly. Much Ado is my favourite Shakespeare comedy, and I don't like people pointing to it and saying it's weak for this reason.

I think my favourite review so far, which I've seen mentioned but not linked (unless I missed it), is the Financial Times one. (You'll need to scroll down past their panning of Man of Steel.) I find it quite entertaining that the FT does film reviews at all, and they get bonus points for summing up CitW as 'gonzo Pirandellianism.'

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I see your Financial Times review and raise you an Economist review.
Hmm. I think I withdraw my unintentional challenge - unless Private Eye suddenly starts doing film reviews...
It's such a treat just to read all these reviews and features (that Financial Times one was another great one indeed skittledog!).

Still hope the film will also be screened here (in the Netherlands) at some point, otherwise I just pray it will at least appear on Blu-ray or DVD sometime soon.
Cosmo Landseman says "Joss is the boss" in the Sunday Times review. He gave it four stars.

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