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March 01 2004

Angel Producer Talks to IGN FilmForce Jeff Bell comments on the shows cancellation.

That ten-day UPN window date can't come soon enough. The agony of not knowing for absolutely sure whether UPN will rescue Angel has to end one way or another. Please.
Thank you, Jeff Bell.
The comments seem similar to the ones from the WH party and I think they are from there - the addition of the affiliate annoucement was after the party and I think the reporter just added that to the story. As for the 10-day window I think it has already pasted - or is about to sometime this week. No news is good news on that front for now. Also exactlly how much money does he think the sites are rasing - "It's telling that the fans are willing to spend more money saving the show that the WB is willing to spend to have it.". Ok you know no where near that much is being raised I mean unless someone's raised a million to save the show - cause I think the WB would have at least paid that much to have it.

Anyway when all is said and done all remaining money - from most of these campaigns will go to charities - so in the end no one loses. For all those who about to blast me on the money issue - all I ask is that you remember pot and kettle and what they equal. If you send postcards or hairgel or whatever else - that's also spending money on this effort and that accumulates after a while whether you believe it or not, and if you spend any time on these campaigns positively or negatively that is time you aren't getting back, which also lends to a saying regarding time and it's economic value. To go even further I, like millions of others, have viewed now over a 100 hours of this show and I know how much I make an hour and what I could be doing instead of watching this show to increase my personal value. I like many others have also bought the DVD's, pay for cable or satellite to get the station that it is on in crystal clarity. I also pay for an internet connection that allows me to at times obbessively interact with others who enjoy this show as well. I have also purchased other misc merchandise over the years as have many before me. So there is hardly a person here that can say they don't already have a monetary investment, not to mention an emotional investment in this show of some kind. So is it so surprising that we would fight to keep from losing such a hard earned investment, I wouldn't think so. But hey maybe it's just me - I have a tendancy to see the forest when others see the tress.

I agree with him when he says it's like someone finding out they only have 6 monthes too live - only in this case it was like 6 hours. Had they said from the beginning this would be the last season (be it network or the shows team) people would have accepted it like the terminal illness a final season normally is but this was a direct gunshot to the gut and the natural reaction took place - a communial fight or flight response kicked in. Perhaps by the airing of the last episode we will have given up the fight but we will not go down without putting up one heck of one in the process and reminding Hollywood that in the end we are the people holding their purse strings, we are not just numbers on a sheet. That we are still a voice to be heard and that we are not the bottom - but we are the line.

Or at least that's my thoughts on it.

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The article states that they spoke with Bell on Friday.
And he basically stated the same thing that was said at the party - thus the statement about the party. The affiliate support news didn't seem to break until Saturday. It was posted to the affiliate websites Friday evening and yet no statement was made in regards to their efforts, I would have thought the reporter might have ask about that if he had known. I'm sure Bell would have said something if he knew, one way or the other.
I'm confused. If he knew about what? The affiliate support or the UPN decision?
The affiliate support.
He could have been asked and the answer was cut. We don't know. I don't know why it's important. We had affiliate support with Firefly:Immediate Assistance.
Well I'm sure we'll know soon anyhoo. Every time I log on to Whedoneque I expect "UPN says no. Angel over" to be the next blurb.

I agree leftover money to charity is good. And we put up a hell of a fight. Have rarely seen such a reaction to a show's cancellation. Makes me kinda proud, hehe.

Anybody hopeful at all about that (probably bogus) TV movie deal they were talking about?
Oh, there's an email at the bottom. You could email and ask.
I have no faith in The WB wanting an Angel TV movie. I think it was a bone thrown to Joss and the fans to placate them.
No he didn't ask cause the affiliates action had not been done until after he had had spoken with him.
Even if the TV movie proves to be nothing more than an empty promise, I still feel somewhat hopeful to see it.

But I would prefer another season, or a silver screen movie instead.
I would love a teevee movie written and directed by Minear. It so saddened me that he couldn't write one more epeisode.

No one does Angel like Minear.

Although, you know, this has been my favorite season so far. Fury and Bell have done a freakin' GREAT job.

But if there's going to be a teevee movie, and I think Joss should jump at that, I think it should be Minear's baby.

But who gives a crap what I think?
I give a crap, Allyson. Thanks for the recent tough love and being a voice of reason. I'm still hoping for the best, but I expect the worst as they say. :-(
I give a crap, too, Allyson. I agree that Minear is an incredible Angel writer and that it'd be great if he were behind an Angel t.v. movie. My favorite combo, actually, is Minear and Joss. I think they bring out magic in each other. What they did on Firefly was amazing.

But I also think that this Angel tv movie thing is not going to happen. It's the cynical pessimist in me.
Allyson, we do give a crap about what you think. Sometimes, the voice of reason is the one we that don't want to listen to; we just prefer to bury our heads in the sand!

I apologise for my contribution in making you feel like that.

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