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June 16 2013

"Man of Steel" has Whedonverse actors. Besides the obvious, Amy Adams starring as Lois Lane (she was Cousin Beth in the Joss Whedon-directed "Family" ep of "Buffy"), "Dollhouse" alumni Harry Lennix (in a prominent role) and Tahmoh Penikett (in a smaller role) are both in the cast.

Just got back from it, first we saw Tahmoh, then Harry, then we figured a full on Dollhouse reunion was going to happen. Not so much, but great to see Harry in a big role in a big movie. Tamoh's part is brief, unfortunately.
Not sure this is news. Not sure I'd heard the Tahmoh thing, but the other two have definitely been mentioned around these parts before. In any case, I'll get out of this conversation now, as I've yet to see the movie in question.
Too bad it didn't have some Whedonverse writers.
I enjoyed it and didn't think the writing suffered at all. You can't get much better than Goyer and Nolan, honestly.
I liked the parts with the flashbacks to when he was younger. I began to dislike it when the action started. Wait. Are we allowed to talk spoilers of a non-Whedon show?
Let's try to be polite to everyone else jtmtzrwj
I am a big Nolan fan but I tend to characterize Joss as being a better overall writer; that said, the comparisons tend to be unfair as they really do different things a lot of the time. I too found the Nolan/Goyer script and concept for this to be fine and at times inspired; what I wasn't a huge fan of was Zac Snyder's direction.
I had been avoiding all spoilers for the movie including cast so I was thrilled to see Harry and Tahmoh. Also, Henry Cavill has a new fan for life. Too incredibly hot for words to do any justice.
So let's rush to the movies! :-)
Critics are pretty much skewering it. Not a great sign for a Justice League film, but it is selling well in any case.
IrrationaliTV, agreed on all counts about Henry Cavill. As Kumail Nanjiani said, "the two hottest people on earth are Superman and that random spectacled reporter from the Daily Planet."

I understand the criticisms, but at the same time I don't know what they were expecting. It's a Christopher Nolan movie. Of course it's going to be a little darker, a little more serious. This guy is the only one of his kind on the planet; it's understandable if he isn't exactly singing in the hills all the time.

I do find it immensely interesting that he was able to get a job at the Daily Planet without any previous journalistic experience, though. We truly live in a comic book universe.

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I loved this movie myself.Superman has always been my favorite superhero even as much as I love many others.I was pretty happy with the movie.

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While I thought the fight sequences were massively overlong, I definately enjoyed the film as a whole and came out of it keen to see more.

I hadn't expected much in the run up to the film's release and was turned on to it by the trailer, which looked more contemplative than some superhero films. I felt that this aspect of the film worked very well, with the flashbacks and the way they worked to allow Superman to become a little more three dimensional than he often is.

Personally, I'm glad the film wasn't the film I had thought it would be before seeing the trailer and the film (yet another reboot - which it is, but it also is not). I would perhaps say that I didn't experience the film in the same was as the Marvel films, there was perhaps more interest than enjoyment, but there definately was enjoyment too and I feel it was well worth the ticket.
I have some serious issues with the film, but I loved seeing Lennix. Especially with Richard Schiff as the scientist. Also Alessandro Juliani (from BSG, and basically playing the same role...). I missed Tahmoh entirely.
I am just going to say that my sentiments are exactly the same as what Mark Waid (Superman: Birthright) posted on his blog.
I did not enjoy this movie at all :(

I had such high hopes for it, I thought DC would take a page from Marvel but it seems like they took away all the wrong things. I'd have to agree with the critics all action no heart to it. It was not all that fun to watch either, it was a bit depressing all around. When I think Superman, I think of hope which the movie had none of.

It was a nice to see the Whedon actors although brief!
It's not really a Christopher Nolan movie - he's one of the producers. It's more a Zack Snyder ("Watchmen") movie. My principal objections: Mild spoilers follow (these are elements visible in the trailer - I am using strike text because I can't get the spoiler font to work): 1) Too much exposition. Certainly, the story should be coherent, but they take a very long time going over plot points that will be familiar to most of the audience. 2) Collateral damage caused by the bad guys is to be expected. Collateral damage caused by Superman seems so antithetical to the core of the character (he cares about everyone) that it feels like the movie has wandered away from what it's purportedly about.
I counted five Smallville actors. :)

I pretty much loved it, but I'm a sucker for Supes.

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