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June 16 2013

Much Ado makes $162,580 in its second weekend. Much Ado averaged just over $7,000 per screen, across 23 screens, for a second weekend total of $162,580, according to Deadline Hollywood.

That sounds really good to me, for a niche indie film, but I don't really understand how movie numbers work. The article just says it's "decent" .... can anyone explain the details?
@erendis, it held fine for a small indie, but is looking a bit less likely to be an indie break-out hit now when compared to last week's ridiculously strong start of $32,000 per screen (which compared to something with a higher mainstream profile and appeal like Bling Ring, which opened this weekend to $42,000 per screen, was really something.) It wont pull the 10 million or something that Frances Ha can, but it'll clear several million judging by the per screen drop. The 7000 per screen was still good enough for 4th this weekend, behind only Bling Ring, Superman, and 20 Feet From Stardom... not bad for a micro budget Shakes adaptation shot in Joss's backyard in under a fortnight.

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I just saw a ad during adult swim. Now if only I could see the film in a theater.
You will. Really. If it's coming to Sacramento Friday, it's coming to the big towns.
I just want to add that MAAN expanded in terms of theater count, but it didn't really expand geographically. I think the per-theater-average will not drop much (if at all) this weekend, since the film is finally breaking into markets with fresh audiences.
It really needs to look at smaller markets, too - not everyone lives within reasonable driving distance of a larger city. Take me, for example: the only theater (so far) listed in Wisconsin is in Milwaukee. That's a four-hour one-way drive for me. I can't afford gas, ticket and a hotel room, just to get to see a Joss movie on the big screen. (I have relatives in Milwaukee, but it'd be awkward staying with them just so I can go see a movie.)

And if I finally get a job I wouldn't be able to take that much time off to go see a movie.

If it were to come to Rhinelander, or even Wausau, I'd be able to swing that. Sadly I don't think this is the type of movie that'll get wide release.

Be nice if the soundtrack was available on a physical album, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
Shadow- I am riding GRABWR next week. Is there a theater in Rhinelander or Wausau? I would go see the movie during the bike ride.
Dana5140 There are two theaters in Rhinelander - State Theater, on Brown Street, & Rouman Cinema, on Lincoln. Rouman is showing Man of Steel (regular & 3D), Yet Another Fast & Furious Movie Because They Haven't Been Fast or Furious Enough Yet, This is the End, Internship, After Earth and Epic.

State's showing Iron Man 3, ST: Into Darkness, Now You See Me & The Place Beyond the Pines. Neither of them list "coming soon" movies.

There's Marcus Cedar Creek Cinema in Mosinee, and Cosmo Theater in Merrill. Both only showing whatever's currently "BIG."

And...should I know what those initials stand for?
This still can't be anywhere near the full list, but Much Signal now has ticket sales links for many of the known theaters for June 21.

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