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June 17 2013

No Loki in The Avengers 2. Joss confirms Hiddleston's character will be sitting this one out.

Dude, that's a pretty big spoiler. Not cool.
It's posted on IGN and various other news outlets- none of which mark it is a spoiler. Obviously, Joss is not treating it as a secret of any kind- he wants it known. If the moderators want to add a spoiler tag, then feel free, but please don't shoot the messenger.
I agree that he can't just do what he did the first time and I think four consecutive runs as a main villain is a bit much so I think sticking with three would probably be best. Maybe Tom Hiddleston can play Thor and Loki's little known, rarely spoken of brother who reads a lot and only occasionally unleashes the kick ass.
Wasn't expecting Loki to be in it, so no surprise there. No point making the same film again and Joss knows that. Bring on the new villains!

And besides who knows what will happen in Thor : The Dark World (not a spoiler just speculation on my part).
I wouldn't class that as a spoiler.
Shouldn't we be linking to original source, which is the Empire Podcast, instead of the several outlets which are quoting from that interview.
Here's the link for the complete podcast, if anyone else want to check it out:
Would be nice if they posted a transcript. Not sure everyone will want to listen through a 37 minute podcast for a few quotes directly related to this topic. Anyway, moderators feel free to do whatever with this topic.
I understand why Loki isn't in it but I'll miss Hiddleston and his grin.
Well, I will miss Tom Hiddleston saying Whedony words, but I get it. Gee, I'm also wondering now about Loki's arc in Thor 2.
I wasn't really expecting Loki in Avengers 2.
yeah, libradude... you just ruined the big reveal of loki's absence in the movie! what a great moment that would've been, shame on you.
I'm kind of glad, I want to see Thor have a storyline not related to his brother and see where the character goes. Plus I want to see new villains cause our heroes trouble.
Well I WAS looking forward to Loki in Avengers 2! I imagined he'd get his redemption on in Thor:TDW and then we'd have badass Loki on the good guys side, sort of, and a bunch of angst from the heroes not trusting him! NO LOKI??? ARGH!! >:(
If only willowy! Personally I'd like to see Loki in everything, but it's not going happen.

I'll just have to get my hiddle- fix some other way. Hoping for a future Jossian Shakespeare production featuring Loki/Tom

But... Joss said Loki was like Spike *crushed voice as redemption arc penned by Joss fantasy shatters*
I'm... sorta happy Loki won't be in Avengers 2. He's already been in three Marvel universe films; it'd be nice to give him a break and come back to him later on.
Well that's...not surprising. Maybe not in line with how many would wish, but I'm pretty sure that these films are called Avengers and not Loki for a reason. :)
Mirage, Loki was like Spike in Season 4. Thinks he can outsmart the villains and just ends up getting his shit wrecked.
The God of Mischief's greatest trick was convincing us he will not exist (in Avengers II)
When asked if he's throwing in any more old english like "quim" Joss replied, “First of all, imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well. Second of all, Loki’s not there to say those terrible things. Although I do think we should bring the word back. Not as an insult. It’s just a nice word.”

That could be taken to mean that Loki isn't in the movie, or that saying things like "mewling quim" isn't his purpose...
The Do That Girl, AGREED! Though I will watch Tom in anything, LOKI has and always will have my heart, the little fucker.

Maybe... maybe they'll change their minds? One scene at the end?

Oh god please Joss, just don't kill him. :(
Oh god please Joss, just don't kill him. :(

Umm... Willowy isn't that a jinx phrase? Well at least George RR Martin isn't writing the Avengers II otherwise everyone would be dead.
Honestly, if this is all out of context and Loki actually is the film, Joss will probably clear it up in a comment on here as he has in the past. This news has become widespread, so I assume he wants it out there.
There's no reason for Loki to be in the film.
There's always room for Loki.

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