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June 17 2013

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Iain De Caestecker gets lead in Ryan Gosling-directed movie. It's called "How To Catch A Monster".

How wonderful is it that the reporter misspells Joss and then talks about how difficult it is to spell Iain's name? :)

And obviously Joss knows how to pick 'em. As is expected.
The Doctor, an agent of SHIELD, *and* Joan Holloway, starring in a movie directed by That Guy From The Notebook?

My overstimulated fangirl brain might explode from the combination.
Interesting timing on the announcement, since today is the last day of filming for the movie.
Yeah, that's weird. There was a Digital Spy story about his casting back on May 20.
Weird. I think it may have leaked back then from set photos. As far as I can see Deadline is the first to say he's the lead.
Variety had it a couple days ago but I never noticed until poking around today.
That is great news Iain was so good in The Fades so I was delighted when he was cast in SHIELD and now in this film. Well done Iain.
I enjoyed The Fades as well, the last couple of episodes were amongst the best tv horror I've ever seen. Shame it didn't get a second series.
Given how Saoirse Ronan is one of the other prominent names in the main cast it's sort of funny how many vaguely nerd circles might center on this film. How is it that Gosling never ended up even guest starring on a Whedon thing yet... (Oh huh, he may have been busy with Young Hercules.)
Doesn't "How to Catch a Monster" sound like the title for a "Buffy" episode?

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