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June 17 2013

Neil Patrick Harris to star in a Broadway play. As shown by his fantastic turn hosting this year's Tony awards, Neil Patrick Harris belongs on Broadway. In Spring 2014, he returns starring as the transgender Hedwig in the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

This is just absurdly good news.
This may be the reason I finally make it to New York. I love NPH and I can't wait to see this. Plus, Hedwig feels a lot like the gateway show to Rocky Horror.
znachki flails and squees!
As soon as my mom and dad get those bus tickets, I'm there. Don't roll your eyes Whedony folks: my mom has a history of seeing the big stars of many hits on Broadway with these bus trips including Michael Crawford in the original Phantom and Bebe Neuwirth in Chicago. She even has tix for Kinky Boots.

Mom's my in.

Evidently it won't open until next Spring (I was hoping it was going to start next month and I could go... often these things aren't announced until right before tickets are on sale, but this time they haven't even begun staging it!).
I'm beyond excited for this. The role of Hedwig is one of the sexiest and most challenging roles ever, and NPH is PERFECT for it. I can't wait to see him in drag - I'll bet he is the very definition of fabulous. I can hear his voice singing the songs in my head now - "six inches forward! five inches back!"
This is amazing. I am excite.
For those of you not aware of Hedwig, I definitely recommend it to fans of Joss Whedon; the premise seems silly and campy, but the end result is something really smart with a lot of layers and emotion to it. The title character is a transgendered woman who sings in a rock band, and the show is presented as her performing a concert for the audience, telling her life story and singing the songs she wrote along the way. It's a pretty demanding role, too, so it'll be cool to see what NPH does with it.

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Oh my god. What I wouldn't give to see this. How about an Australian tour too NPH?
From what I've been reading, this is actually his fourth Broadway production. Although, for absolutely no definable reason, I have some misgivings about this, hope I'm wrong.
DaddyCatALSO... just curious... misgivings about him doing a Broadway show or about doing *this* Broadway show?

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