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June 18 2013

Alan Tudyk joins cast for Disney's animated movie 'Frozen'. Alan will play the Duke of Weselton.

The teaser trailer doesn't feature Alan but watch it, it's funny!
I've heard 3 casting announcements about this film today alone. Kind of odd since the film is coming out in a couple months.
Also, Christophe Beck is scoring the film.
libradude Did Christophe Beck change his name to Robert Lopez? 'cause...that's who the article said did the music.

That trailer seems more like an hysterical short. Reminds me a lot of Scrat and his acorn. Doesn't tell you much about the movie itself, but it's fun to watch on its own.

ETA: Never mind - the article implied that Lopez was solely responsible for the music. He & his wife co-wrote the songs, and Beck is doing the score. BIG difference.
Big difference indeed ;-)
libradude, I think for some smaller roles in these films, there is an existing recording that the film has been matched too. Perhaps by a in-house voice artist, then it's re-recorded with a "name" actor.

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