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June 18 2013

The Lord of Catan - a Kickstarter project starring Amy Acker and Fran Kranz. If you loved the Topher/Claire scenes in Dollhouse, you'll probably love this trailer too.

This looks great, I pledged. Love those two. (And if anybody is wondering about Lust for Love, it's screening in LA for Kickstarters and some industry peeps tonight).

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Let's settle this. It's clearly pronounced Catan.
This looks great and I love Amy Acker. I think this will be the first kickstarter I pledge towards.

Edited to add a question for Gossi, they only take the money once the goal has been reached, yes? Or does it come out of your account and go into a fund until the goal is reached?

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Funds are only taken if the goal is reached by/on the agreed date. I'm glad to hear LFL is finally screening too. Been quite the wait. This will almost certainly get my money in a day or two as well.

I don't know why, but there's something about a shrieking/irate Amy Acker that just makes me insanely happy. Whoops! - answered my own question.

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Not only does this guy get Amy Acker and Fran Kranz to star in his movie, he makes that movie about Settlers of Catan, and both manages to namedrop フリクリ amongst his list of inspirations and display a picture of Acker reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. I want to give this man money out of sheer admiration for his chutzpah.
I need to see this. Now.
I must be the only one who got a headache from the way just those little snippets were shot. Maybe chosen just for dramatic Kickstarter video effect?
I'll pledge as soon as I get my tshirt, poster, PDF of the script, associate producer credit, 2 disc DVD, website thank you and digital download of Lust for Love that I paid $100 for 19 months ago. Not holding my fucking breath.
this looks so awesome i may even weep for joy
IrrationaliTV, I've come to think of Kickstarter projects like that $20 bill you find after doing laundry. It was always yours, but it's been out of sight and out of mind for so long that when it finally comes to your attention again, finding it is a pleasant surprise.
@IrrationaliTV I asked Fran Kranz about LFL at the Boston Q&A of Much Ado. He seemed as irritated as the pleadges were that it wasn't out yet. He said it was done last fall but the director's a perfectionist and decided to rescore the whole film which set it back yet again.
@IrrationaliTV I feel the exact same way.
I think the situation with LFL could've been handled a lot better if they'd just put out a few more updates. I don't even remember the (low-ish) tier I went for at this point other than that the disc set was to be signed by Fran and Dichen. Still the only Kickstarter I ever backed. I wish more projects like that (for example... this one.) offered signed stuff as an incentive.

I think at this point and the fact of how long ago it was now the eventual arrival will be treated more as an "eh, about time" rather than with the excitement I had expected for it... and it sadly is kind of off-putting for another film project.

Still, have loved Fran in Dollhouse/Cabin/Much Ado greatly, so there's still some value in it for me. A little.

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Yep, The Lust of Love boondoggle doesn't exactly make me want to support similar films. And that is even if we receive what we should.
Well, I'm glad I didn't contribute to Lust for Love, but I'm taking a chance on this one. Just love Acker and Kranz too much--plus I like to play Settlers of Catan.

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