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June 18 2013

Interview with Joss, Amy and Alexis at Shakespeare's Globe. A five-minute chat with video; it's dated last Wednesday but I don't think it's been posted here yet. Joss has already tweeted a couple of rather spiffy photos from the occasion: here and here.

The link's a wee broken. Here's the clickthrough.
Fixed. Thank you, and please accept my impending-apocalypse-dwarfing contrition for such stunning ineptitude.
OMG! That pic of Amy holding poor Yorick's skull is to die for. Best picture I've seen of her.
Seeing them in the Globe gives me such a geeky delight. I've enjoyed watching these interviews with Joss together with Amy and Alexis, as well as the ones with other actors in the film. You can really see the connection and friendship they have with each other.
I just checked on and saw the film is playing here in Charlotte, NC starting this friday at the Regal Manor Twin.
Can the next Shakespeare movie be Hamlet? With Amy as Hamlet?

Pretty please?
Oh, we already know that Amy is Lady Macbeth. The Purple Avenger said so him self.
Nice of Joss to give Amy his hoddie/jacket there..

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