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June 18 2013

Much Ado About Nothing's opening weekend performance at the UK box office. It didn't make the top ten but it did take £64,651 (+ £3,614 previews) from 64 cinemas.

Not bad, I guess? Anyway do you guys think it'll get to 1 billion $ worldwide faster than Avatar?
Not really, the 3D version isn't being shown on many screens :(.
That's not a great opening weekend. Hopefully it will end up having legs though as the article speculates.
So, each screen took in about 1066.
I have to admit, I've yet to see it purely due to the fact that the nearest cinema showing it is over 50 miles from me...
There are more screens this week.
I'm guessing it is the art house theatres are showing it. I went to look at the 3 big cinemas in my area and the only one that showed it was the Irish Film Institute. It was about three quarters full and everyone seemed to love it. Lots of laughing:-)
come on people of the uk, please watch shakespeare with a twist of lemon and lime.
Rcongise the awesome that is Joss!
Even my local indie cinema had it on its smallest screen.
My problem has been that the nearest cinema that is showing it for me (Reading) only has it on during the early afternoon. I'm going to take a sneaky two hour lunchbreak today and go see it!
It's definitely showing at odd times, but considering the amount of posters I've seen around London I thought the intake might be a little more. Not bad though.
Wow, considering these numbers, I have little hope it will show up in the Netherlands :/
My local Odeon is showing it twice an evening, but the showing I went to only had about five people in it - we all seemed to enjoy it though.
So, worldwide, the movie is close to half a million dollars. After this weekend, it's likely to be "The Avengers" of indie Shakespeare films
Seen it twice, despite it requiring viewing at the PretentiousArtsWeLookDownOnYouAndYourIlk cinema nearby. Going again tomorrow afternoon, and probably again next week if I can manage it. The one thing I noticed about the screenings I attended (the first maybe 10 people, the second perhaps 3x that) was a fair mix of Whedon and Shakespeare types, all equally enjoying it which is lovely to see. Nobody looked to go home anything less than happy with it and most even sit right through the credits. Seeing obvious thesp' types laughing at something as absurd as some of Alexis' slapstick moments was definitely a highlight for me. Still surprised how accessible and gripping it can be.

Makings of a cult classic, methinks... eth.

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